Best converting verticals in RollerAds

Best converting verticals in RollerAds

Which vertical will be the most prospect in 2021 at RollerAds? There are a lot of verticals that show great results at RollerAds, among then are the following:

Finance, Software, Dating, eCommerce, Games, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities, Push Subscriptions, PinSubmit, Media, Cinema & TV

If we choose 3 best of them it will be:

  • Finance
  • Software
  • Dating


Let’s check some examples:

  • Forex – offers dedicated to currencies trading
  • Insurance – home insurance? Life insurance? Travelling, maybe? Catch users when they fear for the most valuable things they’ve got!
  • Binary options – give people the opportunity to feel like a real stockbroker at Euronext, show the sweet life a millionaire has after cashing in millions, make users aspire to that awesomely wealthy life and…they shall subscribe!
  • Loans – again: seasonality is the name of the Loans game! Christmas, Black Friday, Summer Holidays. This is where zeros become heroes!
  • Cryptocurrencies that lately show great results with the necessity to trade anonymously, fast and secure.


It could be mobile or desktop apps. Two main features that distinguish mobile apps from desktop: they’re intended for mobile traffic only and include products from a variety of industries, developed by either corporations or small startups. In general, this vertical often unites the categories: apps for iOS and Android devices and mobile subscriptions. 


Dating affiliate networks are a specific niche of the wider affiliate partnership world that specialize in promoting products and services pertaining to dating websites and hook-ups. To put it clearly, to the extent that people will continue to be attracted to others, Online Dating will continue to be one of the main verticals of affiliate marketing with a continual stream of awaiting buyers looking for services of this type. Given the size and appeal of the dating industry, many creators and marketers want to profit from it.

Keep testing various verticals! Are you interested in Case Studies? Email us for the Case Study request and pick the vertical you are interested in!

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