Roller Ads Product Update – May 2020

At Roller Ads we will keep you updated about what’s new in our product! In May 2020 we have added some useful new features to our ad platform:

1.Carriers (ISP) Targeting Option made specially for mobile offers. Now all the advertisers are able to successfully run campaigns on subscriptions limited to selected carriers.

 2. “Duplicate a campaign” function for already existing campaigns. You can easily and fast multiply any of your campaigns by cloning and changing only specific targeting, geo or links.

 3. A fully functional “Reports” section for the advertiser’s cabinet. Exploring your detailed stats with filtering and grouping now becomes possible.

4. Advertiser’s Dashboard has got a significant update. Now you can see actual real-time counters for your running campaigns with no delay at all. UI experience & functionality of the сampaign page were also seriously improved.

Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us

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