Multi Creatives - Test as much as you need!

Multi Creatives – Test as much as you need!

Multi creatives allow you to run A/B tests within a single campaign. This is an opportunity to show different sets of push creatives to the audience, and based on the results, select the notification with the highest conversion rate and show it to the remaining subscribers to get the maximum results. 

It can be used to find a profitable bundle at the very beginning and to optimize it during the campaign, in order to prevent the burnout of your budgets.

In a single campaign you may:

  • use up to 9 creatives 
  • identify the most successful option for conversion, then scale it and make the profit.
  • improve the conversion rate
  • focus resources on elements which are working for your offer

Go to your account, create a RollerAds campaign with different creatives and increase your performance!

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