RollerAds -review-MAD-CPA

Roller Ads Review at MAD CPA

What do market experts say about RollerAds? Read the full RollerAds review at MAD CPA! But pay attention that the review is not in English! RollerAds is a global company that operates worldwide, thus, local experts also have tested the product and highly recommend it! If you speak Russian or you know how to use Google Translate, go ahead and enjoy the full review!

Below is the short conclusion in English:

“RollerAds is a push ad network that has good traffic volumes. What we enjoyed: the cost of a click starts from $0.001, the minimum deposit is only 50 $, all traffic comes from direct publishers, no bots – good filtering of fraud traffic, a convenient personal account, a lot of targeting options – it is possible to adjust even to the age of the subscription. If you are interested in the push traffic, then we can recommend trying the RollerAds advertising network! Be sure to test this ad network!”

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