At RollerAds we are happy to share several great January product updates with you.

All of you know RollerAds as Push Notification Ad Network! We are constantly growing and this month we are happy to announce a new ad format – ONCLICK.

OnClick ads, also known as popunder ads, is an ad format that is among the most popular available! This ad format is affordable and one of the most converting — if used correctly!

Go to your account, press “Create Campaign” tab and choose OnClick to launch your first popunder campaign at RollerAds!

Other updates include two new types of targeting: IP Range targeting (we’ve already announced it) and  Feed ID targeting!

  • Targeting by IP Range

IP targeting is a hyper-focused method of delivering online display ads. This method gives you the ability to define your intended audience accurately and deliver your content to your chosen consumers.

  • Feed ID targeting

Target those publishers who can provide the traffic that converts best! Just include Feed IDs, separated by comma and launch your campaigns. Also you can exclude certain publishers where you don’t want to show your ads. Go ahead and try a new feature!

Next month comes new product improvements! If you have any suggestions please feel free to email us  

Go to your account to check all updates and launch new campaigns.

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