RollerAds Product Update — February 2021

RollerAds Product Update — February 2021

What a better way to celebrate the end of winter than with a pack of hot new features that we’ve added to our platform! 

Here’s what we’ve prepared for you. 

Mass bid adjustment

Previously, if you wanted to change a bid on multiple campaigns, you’d have to do it manually, one by one. To save you the trouble, we’ve added the possibility to change them in bulk in the Campaigns section. 

Go to Campaigns and select the campaigns that you’d like to adjust. From the Option drop-down menu select “Set bid”, choose the bid size and choose what type of campaigns to apply it to. Hit Apply and watch the mass-adjustment magic begin!

Mass limit adjustment

The same we did to budget limits. Now if you want to set either daily or overall budget limits to several campaigns, you can also do it in bulk.

The procedure is similar: go to Campaigns, select the campaigns to adjust and choose “Set Budget” from the drop-down. Set the limits for the day and for one campaign and hit “Apply”. The new limits will apply instantly.

iOS targeting

This feature will come in handy for all the advertisers who want to target iOS users with popunders: we’ve added iOS to the list of OS targetings for OnClick. 

Traditionally, iOS audience shows lower volumes but higher CTR, so this is a nice way to diversify your campaigns. 

Wrapping up

That’s it! 
Stay tuned for future updates. And if you have any cool ideas about features that we should implement, drop us a line at

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