RollerAds Product Update — April 2021

RollerAds Product Update — April 2021

The northern hemisphere is at full throttle towards the summer, but it’s not the vacation season just yet, so we’re still working hard delivering new features to our partners. 

Here are the recent advancements of the RollerAds platform that we’re proud to present to you in our monthly update.

  1. April’s redesign

Anyone who has ever tried developing a digital product knows that redesign is not a one-time job. In an ideal world — maybe, but the principles of modern software development dictate to prioritize a series of tunes and tweaks over one major update that takes ages to roll out. And that’s what we’re doing.

As part of our April redesign gig, we’ve added an interactive menu to the campaign creation page. It allows you to easily navigate between the steps when creating a campaign and have a birdview of the whole process. 

For example, if you decide to tweak the targeting settings after limiting the daily campaign budget, you won’t need to scroll all the way up on the page — just click on the corresponding section in the menu, make the necessary changes, and go back to the section you were at before. 

  1. New ad format: In Page Push

This news is for all the push notifications fans: we’ve added an alternative format to the Push portfolio — In page push.

It is similar to traditional push notifications, but has different mechanics which allows you to overcome its native restrictions.

What is In page push? 

In page push (IPP) are push notifications that appear in the active browser tab when the user is visiting a website. They look almost as traditional push ads, but appear during an active browser session. 

So what are the restrictions that IPP allow you to overcome? 

  • Users don’t need to subscribe to receive IPP ads, so the view rate is higher.
  • Users get IPP ads only when actively interacting with the page, thus they’ll definitely see them if they enter the website.
  • IPP work on ALL devices with browsers, including iOS devices unreachable to traditional push ads. 

Sounds like enough reasons to give it a try! 

To start buying traffic from IPP, just pick the format from the list when creating a new campaign. 

  1. Tokenized playments: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

Why add a bank card when you can Apple-Pay the hell out of the problem? 

Our thoughts exactly!

From now on, you can top up your balance with your preferred tokenized payment method, which applies equally for one-time and scheduled payments. 

Please note that the tokenized method will be determined by your browser. For example, if you use Apple Pay on other sites, it will be the one added to your payment methods. 

  1. USDT (Tether) payments 

Crypto payments are on the rise, so, to accommodate all crypto fans, we’ve added the Tether stable coin to the list of payment methods. 

This method was available before within Coinpayments, but since the interest to it in the community was quite high, we’ve decided to highlight it on the main page. 

That’s it for now

These are the major updates of April, but don’t forget about all the work happening in the background. The RollerAds platform is a versatile, powerful structure which requires constant maintenance — and that’s what we do every day, behind the curtains, so that our partners can run campaigns without interruptions. 

Stay tuned as we’ve got more updates planned for May. 

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