RollerAds Product Update — June 2021

RollerAds Product Update — June 2021

Wherever you are, we hope the weather gives you more reasons to smile than to frown this summer.

But no matter the weather, we at RollerAds are constantly working on new features to streamline your work and help you profit at ease. Here comes our most recent batch — enjoy and make the best of it! 

Push tag: increased ROI for your campaigns 

Providing quality traffic for your campaigns is our top priority. To help you maximize ROI, we’ve prepared another smart solution — adding a Push tag to your landing pages. 

The Push tag allows you to gather push subscribers along with other ad formats that you employ. Whether you’re an advertiser with owned landing pages or a publisher owning a whole website, this method will help you get additional profit.

To use the tag, do the following: 

  • Register at as publisher 
  • Get a Push tag from our platform 
  • Place the tag into your landing page/website script. 

Voila, now you can get up to 15% on top of your regular earnings! Your primary conversion flow stays the same and the CR doesn’t get affected. The payments are made weekly by any method that you prefer. 

If you have any questions regarding the Push tag, get in touch with our Head of Traffic, Alex via (email/Skype) or ask your account manager for more details. 

On-demand CPA rotation for Push campaigns

The second update in the June batch is for advertisers running Push campaigns.

Right now, we’re testing the CPA-rotation feature for Push campaigns. This feature will allow your push creatives to receive traffic based on how well they perform. 

If you’d like your campaign to be included into beta-testing, feel free to let your account manager know. 

When the beta-testing is over, the feature will be available to all advertisers. Help us build the most reliable solution — check out the CPA-rotation feature before it’s out!  

One-click download of the blacklisted zones

The CPA optimization feature automatically disables the least converting zones from your campaign. But what if those zones respond better to another ad format or targeting settings? Curious to check other hypotheses or get into testing? 

Now you download all the blacklisted zones with the new one-click download feature.

Test the zones that didn’t pass the automatic optimization by launching a separate campaign or adjusting the settings in a running campaign. 

Wrapping up

That’s about it for June’s update. If you have ideas about what we should implement next, give us a shout at We’ll be waiting!

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