RollerAds Review at cpamonstro

Rollerads review at cpamonstro

CPAMonstro, a community portal of specialists in marketing, traffic arbitrage, SEO and SMM published an extensive review of our platform. We appreciate the attention and are delighted with the high praise from the specialists in the field!

The community is Russian-speaking, so we have highlighted the main points of this review for the attention of our English-speaking audience:

“Thanks to the RollerAds advertising network, webmasters and advertisers have the opportunity to get quality traffic without bots and fakes. The anti-fraud protection guarantees safe and profitable cooperation. Detailed statistics and low bids allow quickly analyzing and optimizing advertising campaigns without losing money, regardless of GEO.”

They also pointed out the main advantages of our network. 

For publishers, these are:

  • Monetizing push notifications even if the user who signed up for the newsletter doesn’t go to the site.
  • Rewards for each user’s click on the notification
  • Absolute security with strict selection of advertisers
  • Intuitive interface
  • Referral system of earnings

And for advertisers it’s:

  • Exclusivity and quality of traffic with a check for bots and dishonest publishers
  • The ability to get cheap leads at a minimum rate of $0.001
  • Comfortable work on the platform, where you can simply place ads and calculate the budget. The platform has a preview function for a preliminary assessment of advertising effectiveness
  • Up to 9 ads can be added at the same time
  • A user-friendly personal account with detailed statistics

– Aavailability of a directory with push notification templates

  • Technical support 24/7

Also in the article is a detailed review (with lots of screenshots!) of what’s “under the hood” of RollerAds – follow the link to the article and appreciate the simplicity and convenience of our interface and service!

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