RollerAds review

RollerAds review at, a portal reviewing affiliate marketing, SMM and SEO projects for professionals from CIS countries, has written about Rollerads, and we are eager to share with you the main points of the review!

Here’s what they highlighted as the main advantages of our network:

“There are more than 10 000 sites and webmasters directly connected to RollerAds, while the minimum price per click starts from $0.001$!“

Rollerads summed up will give you:

  • 2 billion impressions per day and 5 million clicks per day.
  • 4 advertising formats.
  • Global reach – the extensive list of top geos.
  • Quality traffic as RollerAds has its own anti-fraud system.
  • A variety of targeting options.
  • Convenient personal cabinet.
  • The minimum amount of deposit – $ 50.
  • A lot of ways to deposit funds.

And you can check out the full review in Russian following this link.

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