How to Boost your performance with Christmas Offers

New Year Holidays are coming! That means the big sales season, which starts with Halloween at the end of October, is coming to an end. But that doesn’t mean you should relax! 

The last days before the New Year, as well as all winter holidays, are a great time to boost your advertising campaigns and go into the new year with a head start.

Here are five simple tips on how to do it.

  1. Make sure your offers are relevant for the season

Each sales season has its keywords and symbols. During the winter holidays, people aren’t just looking for “deals,” they’re looking for “Christmas deals.” Holiday symbols also attract more attention.

You don’t need to overdo it: add some red caps, snowflakes, and Christmas trees to your page and creatives. Make it look festive, and your website will attract everyone who is actively looking for gifts at the last minute.

  1. Simplify navigation for gift hunters

During the holidays, people often do not know what they are looking for. Help them out: make it easy to find a gift. Holiday catalogs, special sales, gift guides, and gift bundles can help.

Anything that suggests a gift can be a deciding factor in a user’s purchase decision. Especially if you can explain why it’s a great gift idea and offer a hot discount.

  1. Play on urgency and scarcity

The closer the holiday, the less time to reflect. That means flash sales, end-of-sale timers, and special promotions will attract last-minute buyers. 

Display a limited stock, designate hot and popular items running out before midnight, and shoppers will rush to sweep them off your virtual shelves.

  1. Holiday offers — holiday advertising

Advertising, as well as landing pages and products, should also be configured according to the season:

  • Replenish your budgets so you don’t lose potential audiences during peak sales. 
  • Bet on CPM. That way, you’ll maximize your outreach without losing out on hesitant users looking for the best bargain on multiple resources.
  • Make sure you set up in-browser and in-app push notifications to inform users directly about your hot offers.
  • Do not forget that the creatives should be thematic, both visually and choice of specific keywords.

Combined, this will allow you to keep up with the competition for a piece of the pie from the pre-holiday rush.

  1. Don’t relax after Christmas

After such a busy sales season, you want to unwind and take a break with everyone else until the new year starts. You can do that, but what’s stopping your advertising from working during that time?

During the New Year’s holiday season, many people put business aside, because the pre-holiday rush has passed: take advantage of this. Bids will be lower, competition weaker — prepare your creatives for the long holidays and get them running.

You should focus on mobile devices. People are traveling, visiting relatives, and taking a break from their office desks. But most importantly, they have nothing to do, and they surf the Internet a lot. 

So simply be there for your users, and “dead season” sales may turn out to be a great gift to yourself for the New Year.

We wish you success and huge results in the next 2022 year! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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