Why OnClick Ad Format Never Gets Old

Why OnClick Ad Format Never Gets Old

Is it possible to display ads without distracting users from browsing?

And we are not speaking about showing banners in your sleep (yet). 

OnСlick (popunder) is an advertisement type, which does not block the site screen with annoying banners. It directs users to your advertised page, but the ad goes under the page, without interrupting the current session.

How does OnСlick work?

We can divide advertising types by the degree of intrusiveness. 

If native advertising, which is often included in the materials of the site itself, can go almost unnoticed, then banners already start to spoil the user experience. 

Pop-up ads that directly overlap the overview of the materials irritate users, especially when you have to close them to continue viewing the site in full.

OnClick Popunder goes the other way: after clicking on the site, it opens a full-fledged page in a new window, which does not interfere with the site browsing. On exit, the user simply decides whether to close the new tab – or evaluate the offer. 

And when used wisely, this format may provide extremely good results for traffic and conversions.

The benefits of Onclick advertisement

Non-intrusive pop

It is the only format of pop-up advertisement that doesn’t mess with the immediate viewing experience. If you need to close the popup to continue browsing, the popunder will patiently wait until the end of the session.

Guarantees a visit to the site

Opening in a new window, it does not show enticing ads, but the site itself or a pre-landing page, which appeals directly to the user.

Designed for smart targeting

It appears once per visit, does not require an immediate response, carries a direct offer – all this can work great if you know to whom and why you show it.

Easy to integrate

Popunder is easy to add to the site: it is a short script of a few lines, you simply add it to the code, and it activates by clicking anywhere on the site.

The downsides of OnClick advertisement

Pop ads tire users

That is a common trend for pop ads – browsers are increasingly blocking it. But it is still a viable tool for advertisement. Updated new ad formats like OnClick allow to convey ads in a different, less intrusive way – without an immediate sigh of disappointment from the user, but technically it is still a pop ad.

Requires more work

Popup ad is just a banner with an embedded link. OnClick opens a whole new webpage. This page must be a landing or pre-landing with a clear message, or it will be closed instantly. 

The offer has to be thought through

Using OnClick, you pay for almost guaranteed impressions, but if the offer page isn’t worth the view for the visitor of the initial website, you’ll get only a general traffic increase, but almost no new conversions.

Why OnClick in 2022 is still a viable choice

OnClick Popunder ads are not as intrusive as popups but require more elaboration. You pay for them on the CPM model, so the cost per impression stays relatively low. 

This means, provided you have a readable landing page and consistency with the original site content, you will get all the benefits of popup advertising without its annoying drawbacks. 

So as long as advertisers are using pop ads, OnClick advertisement will be a great method to engage users without blocking their view.

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