spy tools in affiliate marketing

SpyTools in Affiliate Marketing

It’s no big secret that with every passing day the competition grows stiffer and stiffer in the world of affiliate marketing. Make no mistake, there is still a range of opportunities that can help you make good money, but you have to be smart about it. The market right now is incredibly competitive, oversaturated with endless offers of varying quality and other promotional avenues. Even though the situation might seem tough on the surface, it pays to be an affiliate marketer… if you do it right. You always have to stay on the top of your game. You always have to be privy to the newest trends and techniques. If you are interested in making money in affiliate marketing, you must do so in a manner that is both fast and cost-effective. We hope that this write-up will help shed a light on the usefulness of SpyTools and how to best implement them.

What Are SpyTools Anyway?

SpyTools is a tool that allows you to gather all of the important data from your competition, i.e. landings, promotional campaigns, sources of traffic, networks, verticals, geos, and more. The tools offer a broad range of powerful solutions and it gives you the capability to go deeper and broaden your scope of the market. There are numerous premium/additional features that can be used to strengthen your tactical advantage, so to speak. It should also be noted that there are SpyTools that specialize in certain sources of traffic, including SEO and PPC, Facebook advertisements, push notifications, and so forth. If you want to dig deeper and analyze more data, you will definitely need the option to use the premium tools.

How to Use SpyTools in Everyday Affiliate Marketing?

Before even launching a campaign, you can use some piece of spy tool software in order to gauge which kind of creative will ensure the best results possible. An app of your choosing will contrast/compare different results that came from different promotional activities.

Naturally, you must understand that SpyTools aren’t magic. They do not automatically produce the desired results. You will still need a dedicated team to manage and run the marketing efforts. For instance, with the usage of a tool, you will find exactly which types of marketing strategies give the best result. From that point forward, you can’t simply expect to copy/paste everything and make a killing with the help of intellectual property theft. There are actual important factors that influence the end result. They are essential (!!!) and they include creativity, inspiration, and a good understanding of the context of the niche in relation to the promotional campaign. If you simply copy someone else’s promotion, you can’t actually expect good results because nobody cares about same-y templates and concepts.

Uncovering the Hottest SpyTools on the Market

For starters, we are happy to give you some information regarding the best options on the market. We did our best to stay unbiased but we must mention that there are some premium options that just stand out and are thought to be amongst the best-of-the-best. As it stands, though, these are the best spy tools for affiliate marketing. Let’s start with our number one, AdPlexity.

It positions itself as THE game-changing app for people that are looking to make a killing thanks to affiliate marketing. You can easily download landings, examine in-app advertisements, and beyond. The application itself looks like a slick, easy-to-use program that will help you have the maximum impact. In this particular instance, the graphical interface of the app is one of the best-looking in the game. The interface is also VERY intuitive which means that even novices will be able to use it pretty quickly.

The next app that deserves your attention is called “Spypush”. As the name would imply, it focuses mostly on push notifications. There’s full support for eight different ad networks, including PropellerAds. The list of features is very impressive as well. Industry experts all say that Spypush is the future of the spy tools industry. Besides pushing your product in the most efficient way, this app looks very good. It is very useful because it can help you find new opportunities to boost profits.

Spyover is not as well-known as the two apps mentioned above, but there’s a growing list of advantages that includes:

· Fast analysis

· Immense amounts of data

· Accurate monitoring tools

· Frequent discounts

We have a hard time recommending it to everyone, but this tool is sure to find its audience sooner or later. On the other hand, it’s certainly worth mentioning that you have a wide range of other options to choose from as well.

Speaking of which, the very last app spy tool for affiliate marketing that we are going to mention is none other than AdBeat. This masterpiece of an app can work with desktop data, mobile, native advertisements, and lots more. In addition to all the raw numbers, you get curated insights from the brightest minds that work in this sector of the digital economy. Aside from that, the interface is quite easy to use. It has a host of excellent stats and features that we won’t even begin to explain.

Should You Use SpyTools to Boost Your Sales?

Of course! There are plenty of marketing apps that you could be using to further your revenue in affiliate marketing. Now is a great time to give some tools a try before committing to one of them. It’s all about figuring out which one fits the best into your business.

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