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Best Ways to Create Push Notifications That Increase Conversions

If you ask a random person what is their favorite part of the mobile experience, odds are none of them will answer that push notifications are their most favorite thing. Despite the fact that push notifications aren’t necessarily a new concept, there’s still a certain novelty to them. With every passing year, we get used to certain technologies and behaviors and forget what it was like to do something for the very first time.

One of the more exciting things about push notifications is that they present a great opportunity to push relevant content directly to consumers on their mobile. Your potential buyers feel a strong connection to their smartphones and those smartphones can seriously influence purchasing decisions. That is why you should implement push notifications into your mobile marketing campaigns. They are a great way to improve conversion rates and get your audience to interact with the product or service that you’re offering. Down below, we will provide you with some advice regarding the best ways of creating push notifications that increase conversions.

  1. Catch their attention with positive news/updates. If someone has to take the time out of their day to read an email or a push notification, they’re probably interested in hearing some good news. What is the good news? Well, perhaps you can offer them a discount or tell them that a new version is about to be released. Sometimes it’s all about making a consumer feel good about a current/upcoming event or a price-off. So, you want to keep these push notifications short, sweet and positive.
  2. Personalize. You need to figure out which specific content appeals to an individual. Thank God there’s enough settings and metrics to figure out what your customer likes. That way, you can create specific messages for everyone. People are creatures of habit, so once you have a good idea of who you’re dealing with, it’s easy to play into their habits and make your messaging a lot more relevant to them.
  3. Be laconic. That helpful article aside, nobody has the time to waste with lengthy, meandering texts. Being brief is always a good thing because customers are bombarded with messages all the time. Why go through the effort when you can send a much more pertinent message? According to our data, 90 characters is that sweet spot that will give you the most conversions. Anything above that is too much.
  4. Get them all curious. It’s the most important aspect of it all. The clients need to feel as if they’re discovering something new and exciting. The best way of coming up with phrases that can pique their curiosity is to do it as if you’re making a suggestion, not giving them an order. You have to agree that “We got all the brands you needed! Come on over!” sounds less pushy than “Check out today’s offer!”. Keep in mind that people that opt for luxury items prefer the more playful phrasing. “Treat yourself!”, for instance.

Every single day, there’s a new attention-grabbing phrase being coined. Nowadays, if you don’t have a statement, you just need to test out something that sounds a bit out of the ordinary. Continue to read our blog to find new ways to make more money.

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