how to make your offer sell

How to Make Your Offer Make Money. A Guideline for Advertisers!

You have now completed the process of signing up as an advertiser in the CPA network. Congrats on that, but now you have to look forward.

Your next step is to attract more publishers’ attention to your offer. Follow this simple guideline and your offer will be in high, HIGH demand.

1. Information about the business. Useful information that may be of help to the webmaster when promoting:

  1. Date of foundation
  2. How many offices do you have
  3. Regions in which you work
  4. Do you have offline stores and how many people visit them / number of users, if you have an application
  5. Product range
  6. Position in the market
  7. Opportunities for buyers.

All of that data will help create a product that doesn’t come across as generic because there’s nothing worse than a generic product that nobody knows how to promote. Little pieces of information are needed to create a product that differentiates you from the others and becomes popular. Webmasters need to know what they are dealing with upfront, so that’s an important piece of the puzzle.

2. Information about products and services. Show what products you want to sell. Sometimes it just so happens that the webmaster has the perfect target audience for your products, but no one understands your product – so help them out. Being descriptive is a good strategy, but you might also try to explain what you offer and what makes it good in the simplest terms possible. That way, even the most inexperienced people can understand it. Do you offer a special product that’s only available in your region? This might be one of the things that the webmaster can promote.

3. Target audience. The better webmasters understand the audience you’re gunning for, the easier it is for them to understand if they can drive traffic from their ad spaces. Be as specific as possible when you describe what target audience you are targeting. Ideally, you want an audience that’s different from the main one the webmaster is focusing on – so they will promote your offer as something different, but also one that’s relevant to the interest of a certain section of their audience. It’s a tricky subject, but it’s more than possible to pull it off with enough effort on your part.

4. Discounts. Tell publishers ahead of time about your plans. This will help them prepare sites and creatives well in advance. If you don’t have a roadmap of price-off strategies for your product, then you have no business running your business as something that can be promoted alongside genuinely lucrative products. Your goal is to attract publishers and their goal is to attract buyers. There’s nothing that stimulates people to buy more than good deals.

5. Financial conditions. Indicate what rates you have for which categories of goods (if they are variable anyway). The same goes for the regions, and it is best to indicate whether the remuneration includes payment for additional services. Describe how payment will be made if the consumer pays part of their purchase under the bonus system. It’s important to figure out the financial aspect of it all well in advance because it can prove to be a big factor for many webmasters.

6. Promotional materials. Add a list of creative promotional materials that you can show to publishers. Content may include infographics, landing pages, and dynamic widgets. Specify whether you are ready to make a banner/landing /widget when requested or if the webmasters will need to use materials from the Internet or create something on their own. As you probably know, the quality of promo materials can make or break a campaign, but luckily there is a lot that you can do about it. If you have a specific concept in mind or if you want your advertising materials to remain consistent, you will have to conjure up different kinds of promotional materials on your own. This will require some preparation on your part, of course.

7. Types of allowed traffic. Describe the conditions under which you will accept or reject traffic. It’s important to be as detailed as possible when you’re describing this stuff. There’s nothing worse than grey areas that will lead to lots of back and forth that would ultimately make your partners lose interest in your offer. That’s one of the reasons that big-money players have such detailed offers.

8. Tools. If you do not want the webmaster to use retargeting, it is better to indicate this right away. If there are other parts of the webmaster toolbox that you don’t want to see in use mention that as well. The aim is to communicate to the webmaster that you know that they can use certain things to their advantage, but if you don’t want them to use certain things, then it’s your call. Lost orders, coupons, and other things can probably be added to the list of tools that shouldn’t be used.

This list will help you if you just signed up or if you have been using advertising platforms for a long time. It’s always important to keep seeking out new information and fresh ideas. Perhaps this little checklist will help you reevaluate some of the information you have been providing to your future partners.

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