Halloween RollerAds

GET 20% CASHBACK FROM Scary new features & OFFERS

Happy Halloween! Treat or Trick? We’ve prepared a treat for you, our beloved advertisers!

Get 20% CashBack for your brand-new campaigns!

Starting from the 31st of October till the 6th of November, launch a new campaign with one or several features that you haven’t tried before:

  • Ad formats: push ads, in-page, onclick;
  • Bidding models:  CPC, CPM;
  • Smart Models: SmartCPC, SmartCPM, CPA Optimization;
  • New verticals;
  • New offers.

CashBack Conditions:

  • Minimum spent: $100
  • CashBack applies only for new campaigns that contain one or more features/offers from the list above that you’ve never tried before.
  • 20% CashBack applies to your campaign spent from the period of 31.10 – 6.11 2022, GMT.
  • You may launch several campaigns with new features and receive 20% back for the total spent on all new campaigns combined.
  • Launching a campaign with several new features all at once, will not increase 20% CashBack, the percentage is fixed.
  • Redeem your CashBack by sending a secret code “SpookyRoller” to your manager. After your campaigns are verified, you’ll receive 20% CashBack on your balance.
  • If you want to make sure that your campaign is eligible, contact your manager before the launch and show your campaign’s settings. 

Example 1

Campaign 1: push ads, Smart CPC Spent: $500 CashBack: $100

Example 2

Campaign 1: onclick, CPM Spent: $500

Campaign 2: Onclick, Smart CPM Spent: $500

CashBack: $100+$100 = $200

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your manager!

Happy haunting! 🎃

Ghostly Greetings 👻,


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