Product Update December 2022

Last year we were actively developing our platform, improving the software, and adding new features and tools. Today we’re going to share with you some information about the updates that we made in December 2022. 

Adding multiple countries in one click 

When you create a new campaign, you can now select multiple countries at once by clicking on the desired region in the “Countries” section. Previously, each country was supposed to chosen individually, which made the campaign creation process a bit longer. 

Client hints

This is an alternative way to obtain information about the user’s browser and device. Initially, this data was specified in the “User Agent” string, but some time ago, Google started to reduce it. Consequently, once they abandon this method of information transfer completely, it will be impossible to start targeting by device or browser. 

For some time now, Google Chrome hasn’t been consistently reporting this data. For example, for the past few months, you couldn’t tell the difference between Windows 10 and 11 based on data in the “User Agent”. 

We aim to remain a trusted traffic partner and market leader, so we took care of this issue in advance and developed Client hints. Thanks to this feature, we get the correct data, and all targeting options remain available for you.

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