Meet the Minds: Fedor, Head of Traffic Sales

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to another amazing team member at RollerAds — Fedor, our Head of Sales! He’s one of the driving forces behind the exceptional results and achievements of our company. In this interview, Fedor will be sharing his experiences working with us, how he got into affiliate marketing, and his journey of growth within the company.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s jump right in!

Hello, Fedor! Tell us what do you do for the company?

I’ve been with RollerAds for a little over two years, starting out as an account manager in charge of attracting and communicating with advertisers. Since January, I’ve been promoted to the Head of Traffic Sales position, but my job and goal remain the same — to bring in as much revenue as possible, but on a new level. Also, now, this is achieved not only through direct sales, but also by improving the platform.

How did your tasks change after your promotion?

With my promotion, my focus has shifted to helping account managers. Using six years of experience in affiliate marketing, I offer mentorship and guidance to help them overcome common obstacles, such as difficulties in communication with advertisers or problems with launching and optimizing campaigns. I want my team members to grow and contribute to the company’s overall success by sharing my expertise.

You mentioned mentorship. What principles do you teach your colleagues?

As a mentor, I encourage my colleagues to have confidence in themselves and not be afraid to make mistakes. After all, we work in a field where one misstep won’t break the world. I also accentuate the importance of asking questions, as the right questions can help us learn and improve. When they come up with their own ideas, we build an implementation plan, and if it needs fine-tuning, we correct it together.

What do you like most about RollerAds?

I appreciate the transparency in the relationship between productivity and income within the company and in affiliate marketing. It’s motivating to know that my hard work directly affects earnings and that I have control over my success. 

“You reap what you sow!”

Equally important is the strength of our team. From development to sales, we have some of the industry’s best specialists, which has allowed us to achieve such rapid growth. We all share a common goal and collaborate to achieve it together.

What did you do before joining RollerAds?

I have an engineering degree and worked for many years in project management, primarily in the railroad industry, where I worked in international relations. Even though I didn’t take the engineering path, I have an interesting story from my student days related to optimization. During an internship at a liquor factory, I redesigned a mixer blade for one of the beverages, significantly increasing the amount of finished products for sale.

How did you get into affiliate marketing? 

Since I was a student, many friends had worked in internet marketing and encouraged me to try it. At that time, I wanted to build a career in railroads, but when I realized that prospects were no longer satisfying, I decided to try something new. That’s how I became a junior account manager at one of the big advertising networks. I learned how to launch and optimize campaigns, sell traffic, and many other necessary skills there. After that, a former colleague of mine, who became a co-founder of RollerAds, invited me to join, and the rest you already know.

Do you have a professional dream?

Not a dream but a goal. I want to reach specific figures in terms of profits. This will definitely happen after some time, so my efforts are focused on making this happen as soon as possible. After reaching that goal, I will find a new and even more challenging one. Also, I want to organize the processes within my department so well that everything works perfectly. The same principle works for improving a company as it does with the world — you set things up at your “home” first, and then you move on. 

Can you tell us about your life outside of work?

My wife and I live in Cyprus, and we follow the same approach — work to live, not the other way around. I devote most of my time outside work to my family. I love watching soccer, movies, TV series, and YouTube videos. 

If you ask me about my top 3 favorite TV series, it would be this: 

  1. The Office 
  2. The Office 
  3. The Office

Let’s say a big thank you to Fedor for telling us about his role in such detail. Fedor’s story is a prime example of how life is full of surprises, but we ought to move on.

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