Monetization Through Push Notifications for Media Buyers

In the digital marketing realm, media buyers and affiliate marketing experts constantly seek innovative methods to maximize ROI on their ad spend. While driving traffic to landing pages through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Native, and other channels, the conventional approach focuses on direct conversions from this traffic. However, we at RollerAds offer an extra revenue stream that not only complements your efforts but also grows over time. 

Welcome to the world of monetizing through push notifications — a strategy that could redefine your approach to digital ad spending.

Push Notifications Benefits

Imagine having one or several advertising landings where you funnel traffic through various channels. Typically, you aim for a direct conversion from each user, which limits your profit potential to that singular action. RollerAds introduces a paradigm shift, allowing you to unlock additional income from the same user base, effectively serving as a cashback on your traffic investment without extra effort.

Integrating push notifications into your strategy is seamless. Simply sign up to our network. Then add a special plugin or line of code to your website to start gathering a database of subscribers. When it’s over, the service will start to send push notifications to your subscribers.

By clicking on a push, your subscribers are redirected to the 3rd party landers or websites to complete (ideally) a target action. Our advertisers get access to the target audience, and you receive a commission for every ad served. 

Keep in mind that the database of subscribers grows constantly. Its size determines the income, which might be unimpressive at the beginning, but over time the profit becomes substantial and impressive.

This advertising format is discreet, ensuring no compromise on your landing’s user experience (UX), occupies minimal screen space, and promises consistent revenue. Also, it is the only advertising format that allows extra monetization of a landing without affecting its functionality, because the subscription occurs through the browser (unlike banner advertising, which is embedded directly into the landing page itself).

Worth the effort? Absolutely. Let’s say your landing page attracts 1 million users, leading to 10,000 conversions. That’s only 1% of your traffic making a direct impact. With our push notification setup, you could see an additional 50,000 subscribers (a 5% conversion is realistic) from the same audience. This means monetizing on 6% of your traffic, significantly increasing your profit margin.

Advantages of Monetizing with RollerAds

  • Passive income: set it up once, and we handle everything from there.
  • Quick and easy start: just your site and 10 minutes. Our managers assist at every step.
  • Unlimited earning potential: connect as many landings as you wish, as long as they meet our terms. We can monetize any GEO.
  • Growing revenue: keep on acquiring traffic with RollerAds for your income from monetization to grow together with your subscriber base.
  • Automatic optimization: we select the best ads and optimize for your traffic; so you can focus on the latter and forget about the former.
  • Detailed statistics: access transparent, real-time income data through our platform.
  • Various payment options: choose the most convenient payment method from a variety of mainstream options.
  • Strong support: our managers guide you through moderation, set everything up, and offer tips for optimal performance.
  • Not affecting landing CR at all: pushes don’t cover the main content of the Landing Page. You can set it up freely because pushes will work independently of your site.

How to Start 

Future visitors will receive push notification subscription windows. Each accepting user will contribute to your subscriber base, the size of which determines your profit. The users see the ads from our trusted advertisers, and you generate revenue for every ad served.

Switching From Another Network to RollerAds

For those who have already enabled monetization but are not quite satisfied with the results in another network, we also have a solution. We can smoothly transfer your subscriber base without any loss in revenue. 

The transition of your subscriber base to RollerAds is typically completed within 3–7 days. During this period, a majority of your existing subscribers (around 70–80%) will be seamlessly transferred to our platform. 

There’s no need to worry about the remaining subscribers, as they likely weren’t generating significant revenue anyway. Also, there’s no need to fret over a dip in income. Even during the database transfer, users will continue to receive notifications, and you’ll keep earning.

We have a real case from a user who shared their results after making the switch. By connecting to RollerAds and resubscribing their base, they not only preserved their income but also more than doubled it.

To transfer your base, you need to follow a few simple steps, with which our managers will assist:

Step 1. Create an account as a publisher on the RollerAds platform.

Step 2. After registration, you’ll need to integrate RollerAds’ code into your website. This involves adding our script across all your landing pages within the same domain to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Step 3. To avoid any conflicts and ensure that your website is fully optimized for our platform, remove any codes or scripts associated with the previous monetization network from your site.

Step 4. Tell our manager all the names of the .js files used by the previous network. We will prepare a custom .js file with the same name as the one used by your former network but containing our code. You will then need to replace the old network’s .js files with ours in the root folder of your website. This step is essential for redirecting the subscription calls to RollerAds without altering the user experience.

Step 5. Once our files are in place, your website will start redirecting push notification subscriptions to RollerAds. 

In addition to a quick transfer process, we also offer a RevShare referral program, granting you 5% of all the future income, generated by your referred affiliates.

Case Studies 

When it comes to digital marketing and monetization strategies, nothing speaks louder than actual results. At RollerAds, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse array of publishers and media buyers, helping them unlock new revenue streams through push notifications. The following case studies showcase the effectiveness of our platform across different geographies, traffic sources, and devices. 

Case Study #1

GEOs: France, USA, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom

Traffic Source: Facebook Ads

Traffic Volume: 600,000 visitors

Device: Mobile (85%)

Period: 9 days

Subscribers: 22,500 (3.8% Conversion Rate)

Total Income: $3,817

Daily Income 2 Weeks Later: $150–200

Case Study #2

GEOs: India, Chile, Spain, Czechia, Slovakia

Traffic Source: Push+Teaser Ads

Traffic Volume: 120,000 visitors

Device: Desktop (67%)

Period: 9 days

Subscribers: 10,200 (8.2% Conversion Rate)

Total Income: $1,210.97

Daily Income 2 Weeks Later: $85–130

Case Study #3

GEOs: Australia, United States, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom

Traffic source: Native ad

Traffic volume: 274,320 visitors

Device: Mobile (99%)

Period: 9 days

Subscribers: 1,100 (0.82% CR)

Total income: $363 

Daily income 2 weeks later: $30–45 daily


Push notifications by RollerAds offer an innovative, low-effort revenue stream for media buyers and affiliate marketers. Our platform’s ease of use, combined with the potential for passive income and growth, makes it an attractive option for maximizing the value of your traffic. Ready to explore the untapped potential of your audience? Register now on RollerAds and start transforming your digital marketing strategy. By leveraging our cutting-edge push notification technology, you’ll not only enhance your user engagement but also unlock a consistent and scalable source of revenue. 

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