Meet the Minds: Alexander, Chief Product Officer

Hello! We’re back with another exciting installment of our “Meet the Minds” series. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Alexander, our Chief Product Officer at RollerAds. In this interview, Alexander shares insights into his dynamic role, his journey into affiliate marketing, and his passion for innovation in our industry. Join us as we dive into the mind behind our product strategy and discover what makes him tick.

Q: What do you do at RollerAds?

A: As the Chief Product Officer at RollerAds, my job is all about overseeing our product development. It’s a collaborative effort; I work closely with our CEO and the technical team to craft a platform that not only meets our vision but also resonates with our users. We take user feedback seriously, transforming it into features that enhance their experience. My role involves guiding the technical department in developing advertising formats, tools, and features that define the RollerAds experience.

Q: How long have you been with RollerAds?

A: I have been with RollerAds since its inception more than four years ago. I came on board when the project was just starting. Initially hired as the head of traffic acquisition, I quickly found that the scope of this role was not as broad as the technical demands it entailed. This made me the crucial link that communicated commercial desires and requirements to our technical team. Starting as a product manager, I progressively worked my way up to the position of CPO.

Q: How did you get into affiliate marketing?

A: My career path has taken me through various industries — banking, manufacturing, and jewelry. Eventually, life led me to a role in an advertising network, where I managed site acquisition. Like many others, I initially didn’t know much about affiliate marketing but quickly found it fascinating. As I grew in the role, I became a bridge between the sales department and the technical team. Later, I ran my own traffic project before moving to an affiliate network, where I led one of the directions in media buying. When I was invited to RollerAds, I had already obtained a solid understanding of different aspects of the industry.

Q: What do you think about affiliate marketing as a field?

A: Affiliate marketing has been a dynamic field since I entered it in 2013. It’s an exciting and evolving niche that offers great growth potential and acts as a platform for upward mobility. It’s accessible to those without specific knowledge or ‘the right connections,’ needing only enthusiasm and determination. Affiliate marketing isn’t just about being a good professional; it requires a passion for the advertising world and a deep connection to the industry.

Q: Do you have any working principles that have helped you along your path?

A: My main principle is that I don’t like routine work, but I love creating something that has a tangible outcome. Therefore, my job revolves around planning, pitching, and creating, so no two days are the same.

Q: Do you have a professional dream?

A: In our industry, many pivotal events have led to significant market changes. Innovations like the introduction of Popunders and Push notifications were game changers. I aspire to be the creator or a key contributor to something that becomes a new milestone in the evolution of performance advertising.

As for RollerAds, my goal is to make it the most technologically advanced platform in the market.

Q: What do you enjoy most about working at RollerAds?

A: The team here is something special. We’ve attracted top-tier talents, and I’m continually impressed by the dedication everyone brings to their tasks. This commitment drives our rapid development and success. Setting and reaching ambitious goals with such a supportive group makes every achievement much more satisfying.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: When I’m not working, I love strumming my guitar and taking leisurely walks to unwind. I also indulge my curiosity with science-themed documentaries and dive deep into new interests. For instance, I recently spent half a year immersed in everything about bicycles, exploring the topic from every angle.

Thank you for joining us for this insightful conversation with Alexander. We hope his story inspires you and gives you a deeper understanding of the drive and creativity that fuel RollerAds. Stay tuned for more interviews as we continue to explore the talented individuals who shape our company. Don’t forget to follow us for the latest updates and stories from within RollerAds!

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