Why are Push Notification Ads the latest Affiliate Marketing trend?

Push Notification Advertising, Push Ads, or Push Traffic  — became one of the most popular ad formats in affiliate marketing in 2019. In 2020 the tendency keeps growing. 

Web or mobile push notifications are user-friendly, non-intrusive and highly-engaging messages with special offers, news or any kind of information that your potential customer receives. The push ads are sent right to laptops and mobile phones of the audience who will defenitely interact with it.

How do push ads work?

  • Commercial messages served by websites that show up on both desktop and mobile devices. Users who click messages get transfered to a product offer, where could sign up or make a deal.
  • These short interactive messages are built of an ad image and text. Messages are delivered straight to an ad recipient’s mobile or desktop device even if a user is not browsing.
  • Users need to opt-in to start receiving push notifications from websites.  While surfing the web, users come across a website displaying a small pop up, asking to send notifications — that’s how users subscribe to receive push ads. Subscribers get only several number of notifications per day, and can opt-out any time they feel like it. 

So what makes push ads so special for advertisers?

According to the STM forum survey, in 2019 push traffic will be most demanding by affiliate marketers. The reason for this is that push traffic is affordable and accessible across all trending business verticals including eCommerce, retail, entertainment and more. Compared to emails (2%), push ads achieve much higher open rates (from 3% to 8%). That’s why affiliate push traffic exchanges currently feature format as the most trending.

  1. With push ads you can target billions of users worldwide, who already agreed to receive push notifications, what gives you huge reach potential for your campaigns.
  2. Push ads have high performance statistics and work well almost for any type of campaign since you reach ONLY real users! All users opted-in to receive website notifications which means they are interested in information you send, and you can enjoy high quality traffic for your offers.
  3. Push notification ads are user-friendly! They are easy to see on the user’s device. Users don’t have to open an app to see messages which increases the chance that users will view your ad.
  4. Advertisers love Push ads as it is the simplest ad format! You only need an image and target message! Also you may personalize your content with visuals (emojis) and choose your delivery time to reach users when they are available!

Start testing Push Notification Ads with Roller Ads, and you’ll discover all advantages of trending format!

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