5 Ways to raise Push Notifications performance

In our recent blog post “Why are Push Notification Ads the latest Affiliate Marketing trend?” we already discussed that Push Notification Ads are one of the easiest ways to engage with your current and potential customers directly.

The next question now is how to make people click on your push notification?

Here we will share 5 ways on how to make your push catchy and, thus, how to increase CTR. 

Push ads resemble system notifications (mobile or browser) and include 3 essential elements: text, media content, and buttons.

  1. Text Shouldn’t occupy a big part of the push, containing only a couple of lines, approximately up to 250 characters. Instead, push includes a link that leads the customer to the main page with an offer that contains a full description.
  2. Media content. It can be a picture, GIF or video. Pushes can be implemented only with text, but media content will make the ad visually attractive. 
  3. Buttons. If necessary, you can integrate buttons in the push ads for convenience. The buttons will help the user to act fast upon offer: go to the app, apply a discount, or share the news with a friend.

Recommendation #1 Use Emoji

Everyone nowadays chats with emojis. People got used to them and sometimes messages without emoji are perceived as negative. Use these habits in your ads. Besides, a small detail will attract users’ attention to your message and increase the probability of a click. Just one relevant emotion and we guarantee growth of CTR. But don’t overuse!

Recommendation #2 Use Macros with Geolocation

Specific segmentation always works for ads the best way!  To attract clients attention indicate the city of the offer in push notification. It will help to make it more targeted. For dating offers this is a perfect solution, but geolocation can work with other offers too!

Add this macros into the title or description and the system will pull the name of the city in which the user is located in the text of the push.

Recommendation #3 Launch Holidays Campaigns

During the Holidays or key events your audience is more willing to interact with you and your products. 

This is the right time for a  successful campaign and good conversions. Don’t only launch standart New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Easter campaigns. Think, for instance, about popular Hollywood occasions and use tricks to hype it!

Recommendation #4 Segment your Audience by Subscription Time

It’s better to launch separate campaigns for a new audience and for those who subscribed a long time ago. “Old” followers may get tired of repetitive campaigns and will not show good performance. However new subscribers are ready to interact. That’s why launch different offers for new and old subscribers and you will maximize your results!

Recommendation #5 Creatives is a Key

Test various creatives to gain more profit! You will be able to maximize your CTR only when you know what works best! Launch a campaign with several variants of creatives to choose the best one. However, don’t forget to update your creatives with time to avoid loss of interest!

For this special need at Roller Ads we offer Creative Library, where you can get inspired by already proved its effectiveness creatives. Enjoy an access to a huge variety of the examples of best converting push notification ads! Use industry benchmarks to acquire potential customers absolutely for free! 

Summing up, the key to push ads success is personalization and constant update! Try to differ from your competitors, always think of new ways to catch clients’ attention then you’ll get great results and high CTR! 

Follow our recommendations and maximize your ROI with Roller Ads. Create an account now!

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