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Which niches work best for Push Notification Ads?

It’s hard to say exactly which verticals and niches work better with push traffic. Push traffic is destined to work across almost all verticals. At the same time, if you plan to advertise within a very narrow and specific business vertical, it is worth keeping in mind its specifics. Some industries may generate great traffic volumes during the peak activity seasons and produce humble results when the season is down. Depending on the traffic type and quality, seasonal traffic volume fluctuations results may vary. 

Anyway, if you consider what most of affiliates, website admins and merchants are promoting via push traffic, here are some topics you can cover:

1. E-commerce special offers and discounts

E-commerce is one of the most popular verticals that uses push notifications. Merchants can always attract customers back to their e-commerce offering special deals and discounts. 

2. Dating

In the digital age, most of our interactions happen on the Internet. Life is busy, which can be a problem when it comes to dating. People are ready to pay membership  in dating sites. So, you will be able to reach those millions faster by using push notifications.

3. Sweepstakes 

Sweepstakes include any freebie which means users may get iPhone, TV, travel, voucher, and everything else for free. This vertical is especially good as you don’t need to set up detailed targeting, target audience is almost everyone.

4. Mobile applications

Mobile apps promos and in-app actions: if your app users allowed you to send notifications, you can always send reminders, special offers or invite them to perform a specific action in-app.

5. Web games

An online game is a video game that is either partially or primarily played through the Internet. Web games have been around for ages. Since the game is hosted on the browser, the user does need to download the game itself, thus push ads show high CTR for this kind of vertical! 

Please don’t consider that this is an ultimate list for the use of push traffic. Affiliates are using push traffic for any vertical you can only name: E-commerce & Travel, Mobile Apps & Games, Sports, Sweepstakes, Dating, Health & Beauty, Finance, News & Entertainment, Video Streaming, etc. And never forget to test various offers under different angles, the results may surprise you!

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