Push ads vs push notifications

What’s the difference between Push Notifications and Push Notification Ads?

In the market there are too many definitions so it’s easy to get confused. Let’s discuss what’s the difference between Push Notifications and Push Notification Ads.

Push notifications come directly from apps users download on their phones and have been developed as a means of internal communication. An App push notification is a message that pops up on a mobile device. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app. App publishers can send them at any time while users don’t have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them.

App push notifications are not a part of the affiliate marketing industry, though are commonly used for marketing purposes, too.

Push ads notifications, on the other hand, are online ads coming from websites they’re meant to drive traffic to and are possible on both desktop and mobile devices. Any publisher is thus allowed to enable push advertising on their websites to the subscribed users. Push ads are one of the ad formats available in the affiliate marketing industry. 

Push notifications and push ads notifications are both types of Internet-based communication, yet they shouldn’t be mistaken as the same thing. They both come in the form of small instant messages, they’re quick and non-intrusive BUT push ads notifications serve marketing purposes and were created to resemble push notifications. Push notifications ads, meaning push traffic, wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for the development of push notifications.

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