Will chrome 80 affect Push Notification Ads?

As all of you already know the latest Chrome version introduced quieter notification permission UI across mobile and desktop. The main question now is what impact  Google Chrome 80 will have on push notifications.

What does this mean?

  • Users who repeatedly deny notifications across websites will be automatically enrolled in the quieter notifications UI. 
  • Sites with very low acceptance rates will be automatically enrolled in quieter prompts. They will be automatically unenrolled once the user experience is improved.

How will it work?

In your browser a “Notifications blocked” message slides out from the right side of the address bar.

On first launch, a help dialog explains the functionality: “You usually block notifications. To let the site notify you, click here.” It can be manually enabled from Settings > Site Settings > Notifications under “Use quieter messaging” Google plans to roll it out for users who repeatedly deny notifications and sites with “very low acceptance rates.”

Still even with these changes the subscription volumes in Chrome 80 are 5 TIMES bigger than the ones in Chrome 79. Push notifications are still available, and the update, despite all the negative forecasts, didn’t crash the market.

What can you do?

 ✔ Remember that push notifications are alive and working great! They’re still a very efficient format, so don’t underestimate how effective they will be in the near future.

 ✔ Learn more about the benefits of push notification ads in our blog “Why are Push Notification Ads the latest Affiliate Marketing trend?

 ✔ Speak with our manager today to learn more about your opportunities with push ads campaigns or launch a new campaign and test it by yourself!

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