How much do push notification ad campaigns cost

How much do push notification ad campaigns cost?

First thing to say is that the exact number doesn’t exist!  The final cost of a campaign depends on many variables, but there are a few things to consider while trying to estimate your push traffic ad campaign budget. 

You should take into consideration the bid cost model, testing phase, bidding strategy, optimization and the desired scaling up part.

1. Push ads cost model.

Push ads work on the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) pricing model. You pay only when a user clicks through your ad and the bids can be bought at Roller Ads  already from just $0.003, depending on the geo.

What’s especially important with the CPC cost model on push traffic is that the push ads conversion comes in delayed! That’s due to the push traffic nature allowing users to view the ads whenever they feel like it, not when it pops up in front of their eyes — it’s called non-intrusiveness. 

CPC is the only cost model available to push traffic also because notifications can be viewed on users’ devices without any actions being taken. That’s why only an actual click counts as a conversion.

2. The cost of testing, optimizing and scaling your push ads.

You have to include all these costs  into your budget estimation if you want to run successful campaigns. You won’t be able to optimize if you don’t test. And you won’t be able to scale if you don’t optimize. What if you burn all your budget during the first stage already? That’s why thinking ahead is a must and that’s why here are a few tips to bear in mind.

Have a set testing budget and stick to it — the affiliate community suggests a budget of at least $500, though the more the better. Just don’t spend everything you’ve got at once! If successful, then the scaling part shall begin — bid up, and then bid up some more. The limit now is ultimately up to you.

3. Hidden costs of push advertising.

Well, if you’re working with a trusted traffic source then they’re not hidden. But some of the operational costs may simply go overlooked. These are:

  • Traffic source’s initial deposit
  • The cost of a tracking software
  • The cost of a spying tool
  • Your time and energy
  • Just keep that in mind to avoid any unexpected, yet essential spending.

At Roller Ads we don’t have any hidden costs, everything is transparent! Launch new campaigns, test them, optimize and scale. We would be happy to help you reach your success!

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