Benefits of Push Notification Ads for Publishers

Benefits of Push Notification Ads for Publishers

As everyone already knows Push Notification Ad is similar to SMS. A push notification is a message sent to an end user, be it to their mobile device or a desktop computer, after they have opted in to receive notifications from a given website or mobile app to become a subscriber. 

It is a faster way to deliver a message to all of your website subscribers at once. The method is meant to value the clients either in the form of content, alerts, texts, or coupons whatever it is. The purpose is only to regain the interest of the audience and draw their attention towards the website. Nowadays it is the best way to drive more sales via Affiliate Marketing campaigns.

So what benefits do push ads bring to the publishers? 

100% Safe 

Precise selection of advertisers to ensure minimum unsubscribe rate

Higher income

Unlike traditional ads that are displayed to users by default, pushes arrive on the screens of those users who provided their consent and subscribed to receive notifications. Such good quality audiences will attract more advertisers who look for good, quality traffic.

Additional monetization source

No need to exclude other AD formats. You earn even if a user doesn’t visit your site anymore!

Easy setup

You need only 15 minutes to get ready to earn from your website traffic.

 1. Enable Sending Web Push Ads to Your Subscribers.

2. Customize the Frequency of Your Web Push Ads

3. Make Money Sending Web Push Ads

Freedom from ad blockers and fraud 

Since push is delivered directly to the user’s screen, its guaranteed impression count will not be affected by ad bots that typically inhabit the web environment.

Source of traffic for affiliate programs

Push notifications are proven to bring stable volumes of traffic to experienced affiliate marketers. The quality of the traffic is decent, the campaigns are easy to get approved, and the average opt-in rate will normally exceed what you expect of it: 53.3% versus 2% of email.

Push notification ad networks can pay you based on clicks you deliver for ad campaigns. Push Ads is a great opportunity for monetization, however, pay attention that yet web push notifications are not enabled on iOS devices, so if you have significant traffic coming from iOS, you can’t monetize it.

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