How to set Postback with RollerAds

Setting postback is essential for seeing your statistics and conversion tracking.

First you need to login into your account and go to Tracking section. 

Copy your unique postback link from your account and paste it in your tracking tool (voluum, tune, imobitrax..) or CPA network. Substitute {clickId} with your tracker (CPA network) token for Click ID or any token you use to pass Click ID from our link to tracker (CPA network).

For successful conversion you need to return to postback same volume as been given by a click on your campaign’s link. We specifically make our clickId short (64 symbols) so it could work with any tracking system.

To test your conversion tracking after setting up RollerAds postback on your side just enter the target URL used in the campaign you want to test in “Test conversion tracking” field.
Press the Test conversion tracking button and make a test conversion in the popup window.
You will see “Conversion is registered” in the Conversion Tracking page in your account.

Example1 (with any tracking system)

Campaign link:{campaignId}&zone_id={zoneId}&conversion={clickId}

Actual postback:{conversion}/aid/1066/0f0d5f3801623bb4

Parameter conversion(any name) must be provided from your side to hold volume which will be inserted in alphanumeric format (64 symbols average).

In postback you returning those 64 symbols into the link by GET or POST method.

Example2 (with Voluum): 

Campaign link:{campaignId}&zone_id={zoneId}&externalid={clickId}

Actual postback:{externalid}/aid/1066/0f0d5f3801623bb4

Go to your personal account to set up postback!

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