Why is tracking so important?

Why is tracking so important?

We all launch campaigns to reach desired results. Key thing to remember is that you cannot estimate and optimise those results without tracking!

1. If you’re not tracking your campaigns, you’re losing time and money.

Every single event matters as without data you can only make inaccurate decisions and inaccurate decisions result in wasted budget.

An affiliate tracker gives you the possibility to get deeper insights on your campaigns:

  • What brings you positive ROI
  • What are the points of growth and how to scale them up 
  • Trends and insights on the traffic 

2. Inaccurate tracking means lack of information on your ad campaign. 

Performance is analyzed by splitting traffic into the following categories: mobile/desktop, OS versions, browser versions, sources etc. 

3. Get all campaigns in one place!  

For better convenience you may use a single tracking platform where you operate and optimize all your ads! With an affiliate tracker, you can manage and optimize your performance painlessly. As you aggregate every piece of data from each campaign and every traffic source in one platform, you get the whole picture of your performance and are able to easily uncover areas where you need attention or improvement.

There are plenty of tracking platforms on the market, compare them and choose which matches your needs. Some of them:

  • Voluum
  • RedTrack
  • HasOffers
  • AdsBridge
  • BeMob
  • Binom
  • ThriveTracker
  • Keitaro
  • Imobitrax

Choose your tracking platform and contact your Roller Ads manager to set all the right way. Or you may read the instructions “HOW TO SET POSTBACK WITH ROLLER ADS”.

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