RollerAds Product Update — March 2021

RollerAds Product Update — March 2021

Sitting around is not what we do at RollerAds. We’re constantly working to excite our clients with new features, tools and mechanics. 

We’ve been busy all March and here is what we have to present to you today. 

OS version targeting

Users’ behavior differs drastically based on their device platform. For example, MacOS and Windows users consistently demonstrate different patterns of interacting with ads, not to mention platform-specific restrictions. But so does the operating system version matter, as users of older versions might see ads differently.

To help you laser-target the audience that best suits your offer, we’ve added OS version targeting to the list of campaign settings.

This is especially useful for platform-specific offers, for example, when you promote Utilities.

CPA targeting

Those low-converting zones are real bullies, aren’t they? Taking away your money as if you had any to waste. We’ve sorted it out as well! 

From now on, you can automatically exclude poorly performing zones from your campaign every time the stats are updated in the system. This will allow you to reach your target CPA level without going through all the zones manually — which is practically impossible sometimes.

Balance auto-refill

If you run out of funds on your balance, all your campaigns will be automatically stopped until you refill your account. When your balance only starts running low, we send a reminder email, but it can get lost in an inbox of a busy affiliate. 

To keep your campaigns running without interruption, we’ve implemented an auto-refill feature. If you’re using a bank card to refill your account, you can set up an automatic payment. Simply specify the amount to re-charge your account with and a threshold below which you don’t want your funds to drop.

The refill amount and the threshold can be altered at any time to better suit your current strategy. 


Last but not least we’ve completed a total product redesign! Now your profiles have a refined look — 2021 style. 

That’s it for now!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for further updates — we’ve got more cool stuff coming up. 
Got ideas or suggestions about the features we should implement next? We’d be glad to hear them at!

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