Top tips to running Crypto offers

Top tips to running Crypto offers

Some people believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of money. Some say it’s just a bubble that will soon burst and there are no two ways about it.

But for us in the online marketing industry the most important thing to know about crypto is that it’s one of the most profitable verticals ever!

Ever since the cryptocurrency boom in late 2017, there was no shortage of crypto offers on the market. According to CoinMarketCap, the world’s most-referenced price-tracking website for crypto assets, there are more than 4000 cryptocurrencies being traded on crypto exchanges right now, not to mention all the new ICOs popping up regularly. The idea of getting rich overnight that has been fueling the general public’s interest attracts users to crypto offers, and now with another rise of Bitcoin, the interest has only gotten stronger.

Not going to lie, guys, our first ever advertiser two years ago was a crypto affiliate — and we are still working very very, we mean VERY successfully to this day.

We also believe that, in such a booming industry, there’s room for everyone, so it’s my pleasure to share with you the three most important tips to getting maximum ROI from your crypto campaigns.

Tip #1. Prelanders, prelaners, prelanders
We can’t stress enough how important prelanders are for crypto offers. They allow you to cut the users who are underaged or just not really interested in the offer. Along with that, they help boost the interest in those who are ready to convert. So, it helps you segment the audience by interest.

Which prelanders to use? Remember that idea of getting rich overnight? Capitalize on that! Based on my experience and the results we see the best performing prelanders are “success stories”. It might look like a news article telling a story of a locally known person who got rich thanks to crypto or still increases their net worth every day.

This approach works really well with both popunders and push ads. And of course if you are running push campaigns — make sure your push creatives match the prelander you are using. That means, using the same messaging in the copy of your push ads, images styled in a similar manner, maybe in the same color etc. People are generally very sensitive when it comes to money, so it’s crucial to build trust with the user as they move through the funnel.

Speaking of funnels, make sure to test different ones. Financial offers usually have a longer conversion flow so you need to invest time into warming up your leads. So, run A/B tests to see which flow gives you the best conversion rate.

Tip #2. Separate desktop and mobile traffic
Since both desktop and mobile traffic are accepted for crypto offers (and both convert well in this vertical!) We constantly see advertisers launch campaigns on desktop and mobile traffic simultaneously. That’s a big mistake.

Though it might seem convenient, it’s better to take an extra step and separate these streams of traffic.
Firstly, because the cost of desktop and mobile traffic is different. Secondly, the conversion rate might vary. And last but not least, users demonstrate different behavior on mobile and desktop so each platform might respond better to a different conversion flow.

When running crypto campaigns in RollerAds, separating the platforms will allow you to not only make your campaigns more cost efficient, but also optimize them seamlessly. By tracking the {feedId} and {zoneId} parameters, you can track activity for publishers and placements respectively, and based on their conversion rate optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Tip #3. Mind the brokers
It’s very important to understand that the brokers are responsible for closing the leads and making sure the conversion happens. So, make sure you are on good terms with your broker or CPA network where you picked up the offer.

The second point, which is not so obvious, is the broker’s schedule. Please keep in mind that brokers and their call centers do not work on the weekends. This does not mean that you should pause your campaigns outside of the business hours — that would mean losing a huge chunk of leads.

Instead, have separate campaigns running on weekends and outside of business hours only with lower CPC rates. This way you’ll be collecting the leads in advance.

That’s it for now
Got your own secret to running crypto offers with top ROI? Share it with other readers in the comment section!

And if you have questions about running your campaigns with RollerAds, get in touch with our Support team — we’re always there to help.

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