Top tips to choosing a Utilities offer

Top tips to choosing a Utilities offer

The Utilities/VPN/Antivirus vertical has been steadily growing for the past few years, and this trend ain’t going anywhere in 2021. The niche is booming with solid offers, but what’s solid for an experienced affiliate can easily bankrupt a beginner.

The outcome doesn’t only rely on your skills as an affiliate. You can be a great optimizer and the master of prelanders, but with the wrong offer you risk biting off more than you can chew.

We don’t want our clients to get discouraged by losing money on their first campaign, so we’ve prepared a quick how-to guide on how to pick the right Utilities offer.

What Utilities offer should a beginner choose? 

The cornerstone of affiliate marketing is scaling. With the right combination of an offer, traffic source and targeting settings your profits grow as you increase your spendings. However, to find that winning combination, you need to run multiple tests and these can be quite costly for high-payout offers.

So, if you are new to affiliate marketing our recommendation is to start with offers that have cheaper CPA’s and bring best results in Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries.

The main idea is to lower the price of your mistakes because affiliate marketing will try to screw you over for every wrong decision you make along the way.

Here are some nuggets of wisdom for those who want to start generating profit without lightening their wallet too much.

  1. Pay attention to mobile utilities 

This vertical will allow you to have an effective start with a relatively low budget. Here, payouts for conversions are low enough to give you an ability to optimize your campaign early on without hundreds of dollars spent on testing. 

For instance, Android cleaners work well on push traffic in many countries. Consider it to be a good starting point.

  1. Target Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries

If you decide to go with Android cleaners, select Tier-2 and Tier-3 countries, as they have large traffic volumes. This will allow you to get many cheap clicks and leave room for scaling for a particular country. 

For example, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Brazil are the most cheap and flexible GEOs. But most importantly, they have high conversion rates in this vertical due to a big number of Android device owners. 

  1. Track {feedId}

When launching Utilities on the RollerAds inventory, don’t forget to track the {feedid} parameter. This is available in the settings of your campaign along with other macroses.

Tracking FeedID gives you maximum control over your campaign. It allows you to optimize your traffic by larger segments and get rid of the ones that don’t suit your offer early on before spending too much on them. 

  1. Make use of OS version targeting

When launching a campaign, pay attention to OS version targeting. It is a known fact that many factors depend on the users’ device OS version: connection speed, image styles, etc. Thus, by targeting a preferred OS version you interact with your audience on your terms. 

With RollerAds, you can target particular versions of operating systems on all devices. For example, there might be a big difference in results between Android versions when advertising mobile utilities, so it’’ really important to keep an eye on that. 

Wrapping up

Got questions? Need assistance with launching your campaign or finding an offer? Get in touch with our support — we’re there for you!

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