RollerAds Product Update — May 2021

RollerAds Product Update — May 2021

Summer is approaching the northern hemisphere on full throttle, but that doesn’t mean work should stop. 

Last week, RollerAds team visited the Affiliate Grand Slam Expo in Dubai while the rest of the crew in the back office were working on developing new features and updates for you. 

Here’s what they’ve prepared.

Interactive Rate Map for Onclick and In-Page Push

So, you’ve already got a taste of our interactive map, yet before it was only available for Push notifications.

Now, we’ve added the format switch so you can check the CPC and CPM rates also for Onlick and in-Page Push campaigns. 

The interactive map shows you the number of impressions in each particular country by hover along with CPM rates for Onclick and CPC rates and average daily clicks for push formats — Push and In-Page Push. 

Below the map, you will find all the data organized into a table with a convenient search line. Pick the country and compare the rates to your benchmarks in a single tap. 

Check out the Interactive Map here.

That’s it!

If you think that it’s not enough for an update, rest assured: more features are being developed right as you read this post. And if you have a suggestion for a feature to develop, let us know in the comments down below or in a chat with our Support team!

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