RollerAds review at technoven

Recently, Technoven published a comprehensive review on RollerAds. We’re flattered by the attention and want to make a quick recap for our readers.

Here are some abstracts of what the industry experts say about us.

“RollerAds is one of the best push notification advertisement network … that combines an in-house anti-fraud system with a unique algorithm.”

“RollerAds… offers high-quality and exclusive traffic, and [helps you] reach all your ads globally at a low price. RollerAds will perform for any business industry like Finance, eCommerce, Gambling, Gaming, Betting, Software, Push subscriptions, and many more.”

Further on, Technoven showcase the key stats of our inventory:

  • 10k publishers
  • 1,2 billion daily impressions
  • 2,5 million daily clicks
  • And the minimum bid of $0.001

They demonstrate all the benefits of working with us and scrupulously go through every setting demonstrating that launching a campaign is simple even if you’re a rookie.

Read on to know more from the Technoven website.

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