rollerads casestudy roi 78%


Today we are going to look at one of the real cases on driving traffic to the USA. Is it possible to get into the black in two weeks on this vertical? Let’s take a look. The case was prepared by one of our partners!

  • Source: RollerAds
  • Offer: McAfee
  • Time period: 20.04-07.05
  • Primary Targeting: Desktops, USA
  • СРС: 0.12-0.18$

We have to say right away that this vertical is not cheap and requires a fairly large budget for tests. 

This campaign was not the first on this offer, but it does a good job of showing the capabilities of this vertical.

Optimization was done in the most usual way: spent a fixed budget, shut down the zones that spent about 1-2 prices of conversions.

At the first stage there were quite a lot of platforms, so we will not concentrate on this.

This was followed with optimization by browser version:

Disabled version 85 and 86

As for the creatives, there were about 4-5 in the works. The first creatives were in spy tools, and then they got edited/modified/made unique. I recommend that everyone does this, because very often small changes in the creatives can significantly boost your profits.

Statistics on creatives

And finally:

An example of a great creative

At some points the price went up to 18-20 cents per click. You have to be prepared for this, because the competition is high.

Daily stats

In total, for 16 days, I spent about $ 3620, and earned ~ $ 6500.

The net profit was ~2880$ or +78% ROI.


As you can see, despite the need for fine-tuning and high competition, with consistent work, you can get a very decent ROI on such an offer.

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