7 common mistakes of newcomers in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular every year. Many bloggers talk about fast growth and great profits, which only increases its popularity. We have put together the most common mistakes made by those who just start their work with affiliate marketing. 

  1. Not talking to account managers about the offers

Choosing an offer is a difficult task, especially for beginners. This is the reason why you should not forget to talk to your account manager. They can help you to choose the most relevant GEOs and offers. 

  1. Using less than 5 creatives

Let’s say you tried one creative and it didn’t perform well. Based on our experience, the optimal number of creatives should be at least 5. Without proper A/B testing things will not work out well and therefore, you might end up losing money.

  1. Rushing to set up the campaign as quickly as possible

Everybody did it at least once. When you’re in a rush, you likely miss something or make a mistake. The most common mistake is putting the wrong URL.

  1. Not using the spy tools properly

Keep in mind that tools like this will show all the creatives used, but it doesn’t mean those creatives are good. Try looking at the timeframe of 10 days or more, this will help you to weed out the ones that were taken off after the first days.

  1. Trying to save on marketing tools

You will have to deal with the high volume of traffic and simple tools like Google Analytics might not be enough for it. Try using more advanced trackers and it will make your life much easier.

  1. Choosing offers based only on the payout

Read about the first mistake again. Lots of newbies choose offers that have the highest payout, but sometimes they don’t know how to work with these offers. Talking to your account manager is important as they will help to choose the offer that is relevant and can do well for you.

  1. Not the giving enough time for the campaign to run

Many newcomers are afraid to lose money and stop the campaign on its first day or sometimes even within the first few hours. The offer may take some time to start performing and sometimes it converts even after a week. Also, one more friendly reminder about the A/B testing.

Learning from the mistakes of others is a good thing. But making your own is also a positive experience. After all, this experience will affect your expertise. Test as much as possible, do not be afraid to make mistakes, eventually you will start making more profits. Sign in and gain more experience with RollerAds, our managers will help you avoid crucial mistakes!

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