Best Converting Verticals in RollerAds

Best Converting Verticals in RollerAds

Which vertical will be the most promising one in 2022 at RollerAds? There are a lot of verticals that show great results on this very platform, among them are:

Finance, Software, eCommerce, Nutra, Sweepstakes, Extensions, Utilities, Push Subscriptions, PinSubmit, Media.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg because everything converts here. 

If we had to pick a top five, it would look a little something like this:

  • Finance
  • Software
  • Utilities
  • Sweepstakes
  • eCommerce


Let’s look at some examples first:

  • Forex — offers dedicated to currencies trading
  • Insurance — home insurance? Life insurance? Traveling, maybe? Catch users when they fear for the most valuable things they’ve got!
  • Binary options — give people the opportunity to feel like a real stockbroker at Euronext, show the sweet life a real-deal magnate has after cashing in millions, make users aspire to that awesomely wealthy life and… they shall subscribe!
  • Loans — again: seasonality is the name of the game here! Christmas, Black Friday, Summer Holiday. This is when zeros become heroes!
  • Cryptocurrencies that lately show great results with the necessity to trade anonymously, fast and secure.


It could be mobile or desktop apps. Two main features that distinguish mobile apps from desktop: they’re intended for mobile traffic only and include products from a variety of industries, developed by either corporations or small startups. This vertical often unites the categories: apps for iOS and Android devices and mobile subscriptions. Also, it’s genuinely profitable, but we won’t dwell on that because you can’t really dissect, this one in a way that’s succinct. Please let us know if you want to know more about the Software niche — we will gladly churn out a few articles about the nitty-gritty of it all.


Great feeling on any GEO, has a wide variety of approaches and a range of offers.

This vertical usually includes all apps that improve mobile and desktop devices, such as saving battery.

These offers can be subscription-based (CPA) or ask for app downloads from the Google Play Store/Apple App Store (CPI).


“Claim your new iPhone NOW”, “SECRET AMAZON DEALS”, “Don’t miss your $20 gift card” – even the most uninspired slogans convert within this niche. It’s impossible to write sweepstakes off because this affiliate marketing vertical is going to remain profitable as long as people are going to remain lazy, opportunistic, and money-hungry. So, forever. 

The offers don’t really require purchases, so it’s all about cost per lead, so to speak. People that swallow the bait are more than ready to enter their email addresses and lots of other sensitive information that can help marketing research. People often fall for these types of offers because they are bored – boredom breeds search activity, and search activity piques the interest in purchasing things. No matter if it’s a social media feed or inbox, they’re probably checking it because they’re bored out of their skulls and are ready to get their mind occupied by something that can make them happy, even if just for an instant.


High efficiency in pushes show notifications telling about discounts, promotions and bonuses.

People trust push notifications much more than pop-up and other things. The most important thing is that notifications look more like ads of a brand. Add logos to the icons. Important: you need to make sure that the advertiser did not ban the branded ads.

Wrapping Up

Keep testing various verticals and keep making money… By the way, are you interested in real-life Case Studies? Email us with your Case Study request and pick the vertical you are interested in

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