rollerads product update


NEW August updates have just come!

Good news for our beloved publishers: we’ve made some updates that will help you enhance your performance!

Welcome push

Greet your subscribers with a welcome push! Create a welcome push for all your placements or specific to each zone.

Presets for reports

Looking at the same report every morning? You run a lot of campaigns in different ways? Maybe you just have your favorite filters to monitor the performance of your campaigns?

Create a preset from all sorts of filters and groupings!

Use filter options for time periods like “Yesterday” or “Last 7 days” to make the presets work properly.

A Chrome look-a-like skin for the subscription request window for non-HTTPS sites.

Using the HTTPS protocol is a no-brainer in 2022, but you may still have to use the not-so-good old HTTP. That shouldn’t stop you from collecting subscribers though!

Ask your manager to provide you with a custom script for the subscription dialog that allows for a 2-click subscription flow. The user’s consent will open a popup with an HTTPS domain provided by us. Then, in the dialog box of a standard browser, the user can give permission to receive push messages.

And now you can customize the initial subscription dialog to look like Chrome’s default dialog to provide a consistent user experience for HTTPS and non-HTTPS websites.

Stay tuned for more! We’ve done everything we can to maximize your profit! Go to your RollerAds account and try new updates.

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