Tips: How to start working with new GEOs

You know that it was tough in the beginning, but now you got better, wealthier, and more experienced. Now is the time to tackle the international market with your affiliate marketing. There are more than a few tried-and-true tips for those that want to work on a global scale and turn their backyard ideas into very profitable, multi-national companies.

Start small, go big

Going global with your idea/company/service can be arduous and costly. Even if you monitor foreign markets closely, you still need to have a 100% understanding of them, so it’s hard to figure out how your product will fare or what the market demands. Also, the competition will get MUCH stiffer as you’ll be competing with foreign companies on THEIR turf – they know what works and doesn’t work, and many have mastered these markets and are ready to corner the market. The prospect is daunting, but all the risks are MORE than worth the reward. All the challenges can be good if you know how to exploit them.

Going big with your affiliate marketing campaign is a great idea, and anyone who says otherwise should not be trusted.

Why going big is a good idea?

It’s natural for us to grow and evolve. The decay is ready to happen if you are not growing past a certain point! It’s probably in your best interest to keep moving and not stay stagnant: there’s a whole wide world to conquer with your product.

In addition to a new challenge, there’s also the fact that you can improve your brand AND make your money on a global level. This means that your financial standing can change (and improve) along with your business’s. In many cases, it will improve to the point where you no longer have to worry about day-to-day operations. Also, working in overseas markets provides many opportunities to forge mutually beneficial relationships that can lead to more than just a few extra dollars!

Ways to increase your international activity

1. Review your current data
By taking a good, hard look at what you already have, you can predict which markets will respond to your product and which you’ll be able to run successful programs with. Also, look at those who don’t go through with the purchase. Say, someone comes from a specific country and fails to make a purchase. It would help if you looked into that to understand why people from certain nations convert and why others don’t.

2. Do lots and lots of customer research
Researching everything possible about a particular market sounds like the most obvious thing in the world, but many people get caught up in their ambitions and dreams of world domination. They forget to conduct enough research to assess the landscape and get a feel for what will work for them and what won’t. Think of it this way: A $500 million market will have many more niche markets than a $0.5 million market. You need to know every niche, every cultural difference, every local quirk, and all the things that influence purchasing patterns.

3. Pinpoint trends
There’s enough data that shows that specific products do incredibly well in particular regions. If you see that one of the products or services in your industry is experiencing a sharp rise in sales in one specific region, that should tell you something! Observe what is going on in the local communities that support the product. There are often trends and coincidences that might help make you a fortune!

4. Get as local as you can
Convert everything to local currencies, hire a copywriter that knows the language, throw in as many local references as you can without coming across as pandering, etc. Nobody likes a low-effort attempt, and you must show foreign audiences that you respect their culture and want to be a part of it. Also, it would help if you marketed discounts on local holidays or shopping events.

5. Keep in mind all the laws
You must figure out many things before starting to dominate a specific market. Logistics and local regulations are significant, so you need to pay atte ntion to them as your business grows. A lack of knowledge regarding a specific regulation in a particular country can do you in. Also, there are many international compliance laws to take into consideration. Some countries are very forward-thinking regarding copyright laws, while others are less. Always read and read and read so more.

6. Keep it simple
One of the essential things about launching such a complex marketing strategy is to keep it as simple and streamlined as possible. If there are fewer moving parts to keep an eye on, your project will most likely fail. It makes sense to keep all the processes under the same umbrella. RollerAds is a platform that can help you with every aspect of the process – we have many established, skilled folks in every corner of the world. Also, we have plenty of experience when it comes to reaching globally.

It may seem like many steps, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Follow the recommendations and conquer new regions that will bring you big numbers!

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