RollerAds Complete guide 2023

RollerAds has seen significant changes and improvements in the past year. This article gathers essential information about our cooperation formats and the benefits you’ll gain from partnering with us.

With us, you can accomplish many tasks depending on your needs and business type:

  • Increase sales or brand awareness of your product.
  • Launch successful media buying campaigns with high ROI.
  • Buy any missing traffic via XML/JSON integration.
  • Monetize all your traffic at the best possible rates.

Ad Formats

Push Notifications

Instant messages with special offers and announcements are delivered to people’s mobile devices or browsers.

  • High CTR;
  • Real-time ads;
  • Comprehensive targeting options;
  • Convenient format;
  • SEO and AdSense-friendly.


An ad format that doesn’t require a creative. Target URL opens automatically in a separate window/tab when a user visits the publisher’s website.

  • Cost-effective;
  • No creatives needed;
  • Multiple targeting options;
  • User-friendly format;
  • All device types;
  • High CTR.

Inpage Push

A notification that only appears in a user’s browser when they visit a website. Reaches high-converting macOS and iOS users who don’t see traditional push ads due to platform restrictions.

  • Wide reach;
  • High CTR;
  • Part of the website interface;
  • Instant delivery.

Pricing Models

  • CPM: Cost per mile or thousand impressions.
  • CPC: Cost per click.
  • Smart CPC: Custom pricing model for the best cost per click.
  • Smart CPM: Custom pricing model for the best cost per mile.

Why Choose Us

  • Self-serve platform. Intuitive platform to launch campaigns quickly.
  • Global reach. Millions of people worldwide engage with our ads daily.
  • In-house anti-fraud system. Fraudsters and bots cannot affect your payout.
  • Smart targeting. Variety of targeting options to reach the best-converting audience.
  • Smart pricing.  Different pricing models to maximize results.
  • Strong support. Managers ready to answer questions and help you succeed.
  • Constant platform development. Our team is constantly working to make the platform more accessible and enjoyable.

Significant Features

  • Creative Library. Built-in tool to reduce time spent creating banners. Get inspired by other creatives, or choose your favorites to add to new campaigns.
  • Traffic estimator. Estimates available traffic volume and necessary bids while creating campaigns. A helpful tool for advertising strategy planning.
  • Smart CPC/CPM. Custom pricing models for bidding at the best price.

Payment Methods

We provide almost every popular payment method for our users. 

Instant Payments: 
VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Capitalist, CoinPayments.

Non-instant Payments: 
Paxum, Payoneer, PayPal.

The minimum deposit is $50

Contact us if your preferred option is not listed.


RollerAds works with eCommerce, Finance, Sweepstakes, Utilities, Antiviruses, Nutra, Dating, and Gaming

Can’t find suitable offers? Check out our subsidiary project CpaRoll, an affiliate network for trusted partner offers.

RollerAds 2022 Key Results

  • Impressions: 620,656,261,330
  • Clicks: 821,216,516
  • Conversions: 11,897,359
  • Campaigns created: 179,683
  • Campaigns added: 223,642
  • New advertisers: 8,382
  • New publishers: 6,809

Additional Monetization Option

Monetize your website with The Sender, our sister project that offers push notification monetization at no cost.

How it works

  • Sign up and complete the simple setup process. 
  • Your website visitors will receive a notification asking them to opt-in to receive notifications. 
  • They can easily unsubscribe with a single click. 
  • Earn money through clicks on advertisements from other brands.


The push advertising format will not affect your website’s user experience, SEO or change user behavior.

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