Artificial Intelligence for AFFILIATE Marketing

The world of digital marketing is going mad with the advent of ChatGPT. While the tool is highly universal when it comes to applicability, ChatGPT is not the only AI, capable of making the days of affiliate marketing easier.

In fact, there are so many neural networks that even grouping them is a tedious task. Email personalization, content creation, chat automatization, analytics simplification, and design improvement – all these tasks can be facilitated, hastened, and simplified with the help of AI. However, which neural network do you need exactly? Time to figure it out together with RollerAds!

AI Facilitates Affiliate Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is a mainstream nowadays, so the choice is either to go with the flow or fall behind the competition. Creative affiliates use AI for almost everything to optimize their workload.

Pay attention to the word “optimize”, for AI currently does not replace but assists the human.

Always supervise and check the results of AI when it executes the following tasks:

Email marketing personalization – such tools as Personalize, Phrasee, Seventh Sense, or can generate human-sounding, brand-compliant, and, most importantly, personal subject lines and messages in a matter of minutes. Monitor the latest trends, figure out the best delivery time, and perfect your predictions with each subsequent use.

Content marketing upgrade – this group houses a bunch of subsets: 

  1. WritersCreatosaurus and ChatGPT can write full scale texts for you, but their applicability goes beyond just that. The former covers all the social media marketing needs: picture design, hashtag control, posting schedule, assets library, and built-in analytics. The latter can be used for SEO or to generate a list of keywords that can be uploaded to an AI image generator for some breathtaking ideas.
  2. Correctors and editors – avoid making mistakes ever again and pass the anti-plagiarism check with Grammarly. Go for Notion if you want an all-in-one solution, capable of translating, volume adjusting, and tone changing. These tools are made for those, who are obsessed with the ultimate user experience.
  3. Translators – While Notion and ChatGPT are jacks of all trades, DeepL is just a powerful translator, outmatching the products of Google and Microsoft. Let no language barrier stop you on your quest to trying out a new GEO.
  4. Campaign buildersMarketMuse, HubSpot SEO, or ChatGPT are helpful to improve SEO rankings. Evolv AI simplifies and amplifies split-testing. And if you are into improving style consistency of your posts, use Acrolinx.

Chat and messenger automatizationCopilot, ChatFuel, LivePerson, and (of course) ChatGPT are essential for communicating with your clientele in real time. Copilot goes beyond just that and offers a large set of tools for e-commerce: code giveaways, promo materials, feedback collection, social proof showcase, and more.

E-commerce marketing – besides the aforementioned Copilot, there is another cool tool, dedicated to ecommerce solely – Yotpo. Ease the user’s burden of searching the product of choice, analyze customer’s feedback for refining your products, integrate seamlessly with the leading ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.

Analytics simplification – analyze the data without breaking a sweat, using the tools like Albert AI,, Crayon. Observe your competitors’ progress, get reports on the campaigns, optimize your future undertakings, and break down huge datasets into elementary components to work with. If you are into YouTube, then VidIQ is an invaluable tool to pinpoint your weak points and boost your number of views.

Landing page design – create images with a set of keywords, using Lexica,, or Midjourney. Try out using Midjourney in conjunction with ChatGPT, which can generate the set. If you are into something more specific like logo crafting, then Logoai is your lifesaver. can generate a bigger picture without noise or visual artifacts. And if you are tired of white background in the pictures, remove it for good with Turn your static posts into full scale videos in 5 minutes, using a simple conversion tool like Lumen 5.

Audiovisual help – craft compelling and interesting presentations with Tome or Make and edit videos professionally and easy with 30+ magic tools Runway provides you with. Make long videos short for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts with Finally, enjoy the studio quality of sound for free with Adobe Podcast.

Quality of life improvement – unite all the messengers conveniently in a single app – Texts. Another marketing hub for optimizing your communication workflow is In case you need a script and summary of your video calls, then Otter is the app you have been looking for. Good news, if you are a Mac user, interested not only in recording the calls but a solid helper to find something you’ve seen, said, or heard – Rewind is at your disposal.


AI tools have improved almost every aspect of affiliate marketing. Some of these aspects might have been even unknown to you. Yet, hopefully, with the help of this article, you will be able to pick a set of AI assistance that will fulfill your needs and facilitate your marketing goals. Get to know and implement them ASAP, if you want to smoke the competition.

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