Moderation, stats and more: Guide for advertisers

If you have just started or plan to start working with RollerAds as an advertiser, you might have many questions about campaign launching and moderation processes. We’ve analyzed the most common questions with our support team and compiled them into a helpful guide, covering the most relevant points. 

Everything You Wanted to Know about Moderation

  1. How long does it take for a new campaign to get approved?

New campaign moderation can take up to 4 hours (from 9 a.m. to 1 a.m. UTC+4). This is the maximum time needed for the approval, depending on the managers’ workload. 

2. How quickly an approved campaign starts to receive traffic?

Once our manager checks and approves a new campaign, it will get traffic within half an hour.

3. What exactly do we check during the moderation?

Our managers check images and texts on the creative, target URL, and compliance with our rules.

4. What kinds of campaigns do not pass through moderation?

Topics we do not work with are:

  • adult
  • tobacco
  • politics
  • offers aimed at hacking the end user’s computer and/or stealing personal information

You can read more about the restrictions in our Terms & Conditions.

5. How do I know the reasons for getting declined?

Should you discover a declined tag next to your campaign, contact our support team to find out the reasons.

6. Who is in charge of moderation – human or AI?

Every campaign is checked manually by our managers to avoid mistakes.

6 General Questions about Launching

  1. Does my bidding chances depend on the size of my account balance?

No, our platform has a transparent auction with the equal conditions for everyone. There is no correlation between the amount of money on your account and the traffic quality, including the rotation of creatives frequency.

2. Why do the stats in my tracker differ from those provided by RollerAds?

When a campaign is launched, a target URL is added and wrapped in our URL, which is used to count the stats. The discrepancy between the trackers might occur due to your target URL being inactive. This does not prevent us from recording the impression data because the user has seen the creative.

The impressions are counted as follows: 1 impression = 1 impression of the creative. 

Same formula for the clicks: once the user clicks on a creative, that data will be recorded in our statistics. For several reasons, click data might not appear in your tracker stats. For example, the click-through from our URL did not go to your target URL. It could also be because your tracker counts not only clicks but clicks and the minimum stay on the page for N seconds.

3. Is it possible to run an A/B test for creatives?

Sure, we even have an in-built testing system for that, so if you add two or more creatives to a campaign, our system will find the one with the highest CTR and send more traffic. Also, you can do split-testing yourself by using a tracker. 

There are a few crucial steps:

  • Set a s2s postback to track conversions;
  • Add the {creativeId} token to your URL to track the performance of each your creative. All the tokens are listed during the Campaign creating stage.
  • To make these tokens work, you need to set up your tracker, establish an offer, campaign, traffic sources, and send us the link from the tracker before launching your campaign.

4. What is “frequency capping”, and why is this setting important?

This setting is responsible for how frequently the user can see your ads, measured in clicks. By default, it is set to 1/24. This means that a user will keep receiving the ads until he clicks on one of them at least once in a 24-hour period. If this setting is disabled, the ads will be sent whether they clicked on it in the last 24 hours or not.

5. What does feed 0 mean?

This setting is called direct feed extender. If enabled, 0 feed is automatically assigned to all the campaigns that do not have a white list by zone. 

6. What is the win rate?

It is the best rate displayed in the targeting statistics. ​​

Hopefully, this guide covers most of the questions you may have when launching your first campaign. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

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