Meet the Minds: Artem, Head of Traffic Acquisition Department

Another episode of Meet the Minds series is here! Are you ready to learn more about Artem, who is in charge of scaling up the traffic volume you get with RollerAds? He is a true inspiration for all, who is into work. Yet, we are getting ahead of ourselves. Get to know Artem firsthand, by reading the interview we have prepared specially for you.

Without further ado, let’s roll ladies and gents!

Q: Hello Artem, how long have you been working at RollerAds, and what do you do?

A: I have been working for the company for almost a year and a half. My current position is Head of Traffic Acquisition Department. My primary responsibility is to increase the number of direct websites and affiliates and (to handle) the resulting increase in traffic, impressions, and conversions. This includes finding and making arrangements with the site owners and follow-up account management. Our team makes partnering with publishers comfortable and productive for both parties. 

Dividing my work into areas, there are three of them:

Management and Operations. I ensure the team works smoothly and gets the necessary help from other departments.

Mentorship. I share my experience with the managers and help them become even steeper professionals.  

Supervision from the outside. I always try to be around, so I can help the managers with advice.

Q: You said that your team does account management. Can you tell us more about that?

A: For me, it is a crucial aspect of working with publishers. The way we approach conversations, coordination, and solving possible problems for our partners may differ from other networks. I’m all for creating a human relationship with the platforms connected to us. Yes, it may take a little more time than only essential interaction, but the quality of the service we provide immediately goes to the next level. If a publisher comes to us with a valid idea or problem, we will always listen to him and find a solution. 

Q: Do you do account management yourself or only manage the team?

A: We are growing rapidly, so most of the time is spent on the operational aspects. Despite this, I take time daily to work with my hands, as I love hunting and everything related to it. Also, there are a few sites that only I communicate with.

I enjoy interacting with people, brainstorming solutions to problems, and discovering new growth opportunities. I also enjoy thinking creatively and coming up with innovative solutions. Even if I didn’t need to earn a living, I would still pursue this line of work because of my passion.

Q: How did you get into the affiliate marketing field? 

A: Partly by chance. “Partly” because I believe that any luck is the result of consistent actions and attempts. The more you try, the more chances you have of finding something worthwhile and suitable. That’s how it turned out in the case of my employment. Until 2014 I was in sales in a small town and realized it was time to change something. I moved to a bigger city, started interviewing for different companies, and that’s how I got to the position of direct market manager in one of the affiliate networks. After that, I worked in a few similar companies at various jobs, and almost a year and a half ago, I got into RollerAds.

Q: What is the most valuable thing about RollerAds for you? 

A: The team. Everything is excellent, from the level of professionalism to interpersonal relationships and the atmosphere. With these folks I can go forward, breakthrough, make mistakes, and grow. If suddenly a collapse happens, we all get together and deal with it as a team. But it won’t 🙂

Q: Do you have a professional dream or goal?

A: A goal and a dream together. I want this company not just to occupy some part of the affiliate market but to be one of the leaders. Or even a leader among networks. It is feasible, and I will do everything I can to make it happen. 

Q: Tell us about yourself outside of work. 

A: When you really love your job, you don’t feel like you’re working. It’s normal for me to wake up and go to sleep with stats and look for new solutions and points of growth together with my colleagues on the weekends. I really enjoy it, and it’s much more interesting than many things. 

It was such an interesting and inspiring interview. Stay tuned for more!

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