Meet the Minds: Valentine, Head of Support

It’s about time to continue getting acquainted with the team of professionals, helping you to prosper in the ever-evolving world of affiliate marketing. This time around, we are examining what it feels like to be the head of technical support. Valentine is a veritable guru, who leads the team of highly experienced specialists forward. Let’s get to know her character a bit closer, shall we not?

Q: Valentine, how long have you been working for RollerAds, what do you do?

A: I’ve been working for RollerAds for about a year now, and I’m in charge of the support team. I joined the company to rebuild every process within the department from scratch, to optimize the workflow, and to take the interactions with users to the next level.

Q: What does support do, and what are your responsibilities?

A: Support is at the forefront of communicating with the clients, which is why everything must function like clockwork. Every day, we process our corporate inbox and messengers, moderate of up to 600 ad campaigns, and communicate with the users via live chat. As a head of technical support, I am to oversee and guide the work of the team to find both strengths and things for improvement. I am also responsible for optimizing some financial processes, contacting other company’s departments, and communicating with the counterparties.

Q: Care to share your working standards?

A: Regarding work, I can be akin to a nerd at times, who prefers everything to be structured and regulated. More often than not, a question is already answered, so before disturbing a colleague, it is good to scrutinize the topic yourself. At the same time, I encourage asking questions — I just want to make sure we are not going through the same things over and over again. I also strive for clear communication between the departments, so that everyone does not have to play guessing games and knows exactly where to look for the answers.

I respect work-life balance. So I refrain from irritating my employees during their leisure time and encourage them to value their free time. For me, productive work and communication are grounded in empathy and self-confidence — two pillars for success.

Q: You were hired to rebuild the work processes. Do you consider the task to be accomplished?

A: On the one hand, I do. I started off with a full-scale audit of what was going on within the support department. It helped to create an exact roadmap on what’s to be done to improve the work. With the help of the colleagues, we started to regulate every process, established a knowledge database, summarized all the points of contact between us and our users. Moreover, we developed a system of mentoring and monitoring for support staff, established essential KPIs, and connected all the services needed. In this regard, everything’s ready.

On the other hand, improvement and development is a never-ending process and there is always room for improvement. Right now we are focused on raising the skill of our support team, so that we can answer the most common questions on our own, without distracting the managers.

Q: What did you do before joining RollerAds, and how did you enter the industry?

A: I graduated as a translator, specializing in English and French. During my education, I worked in some popular hotels and had to communicate with people, using languages. When COVID-19 befell, everybody started to work remotely — this is how I got my first job as a support. I was in charge of contacting the North America in a large company. Then I joined a financial start-up, where I grew up to be the head of support department. Unfortunately, the start-up went bankrupt, so I joined an affiliate marketing company. Later on, I would get to know RollerAds and join the network.

Q: Why did you settle for being a support? What do you like in RollerAds?

A: I like establishing the processes from scratch, creating a team, finding new opportunities to develop a company, regarding the interactions with clients. RollerAds suited me the best, because I was allowed to do everything I dreamt of.

Besides being allowed to create, I can see that over time everything changes for the best, which is awesome. It is only possible when the competent professionals execute the management affairs. Not all the companies can say the same about themselves.

Q: What do you do during your leisure time?

A: I used to manage a podcast with the stories about everything — my life is filled with events, so I always have a story to share. Also, I like to photograph stuff, using a photographic film — that is a hobby of mine. I am lustful for travelling, which is why I am always prepared to bag my entire life in a small suitcase and be on my way. Occasionally, I try out new stuff to develop new skills. I’ve got a bunch of tattoos on my arms, which might surprise the people, who’ve never seen me wearing sleeveless garments.

A big part of my life is dedicated to psychotherapy, since it’s a way to know better oneself. Also, black coffee is my cup of tea, pun intended.

Let’s thank Valentine for such an interesting story about her life and wish her all the best. That’s it for the interview, folks. Hopefully, now you know that your support tickets reach a highly skilled professional, willing not only to address them, but to go the extra mile and optimize the whole process of communication with the support team. Everything for you to enjoy working with RollerAds.

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