Case Study: Smart CPC + Only Premium Traffic for 33% Average ROI in 5 Days

We’ve been writing a lot so far about the benefits of working with RollerAds: smart pricing models, flexible targeting, Creatives Library, global reach, specialization on the most popular ad formats, wide range of payment options, and some of the lowest bids of $0.001.

The time has come to backbone these claims with a case study from our user, willing to remain anonymous. This is not an ordinary case, as we are going to explore two automation tools working hand in hand to achieve top performance without too much of a hassle. Specifically, we are exploring SmartCPC and Only Premium Traffic working together to ease the campaign optimization burden on the affiliates.

After running the campaign for 5 days, the affiliate ended up with the following ROIs, averaging about 33%. Each subsequent day, as you can see, only increased the ROI further, thanks to new premium zones and occasional optimizations.

The funnel setup was as follows:

  • Vertical: Antivirus/ Ad Blocker
  • GEO: the USA
  • Regions, operators, IPs, miscellaneous: default
  • Ad format: Push-notifications
  • Bid model: SmartCPC
  • Limitations: No false threats about system vulnerabilities

Besides the ROI of 33%, the detailed statistics on the offer for these 5 days were as follows:

ROI and other metrics after running the offer for 5 days

What is SmartCPC and Only Premium Traffic

Prior to the case itself, we’d like to make sure we’re on the same page. Which is why we are obliged to define SmartCPC and Only Premium Traffic first.

SmartCPC is a pricing model, which, as the name suggests, is based on casual Cost-per-Click. Unlike CPC, though, SmartCPC relies on AI to optimize one’s spending within the allocated budget boundaries. In other words, an affiliate inputs the highest bid they are willing to pay, and the system automatically picks the optimal rate that’s just enough to outbid the second-highest bidder.

Regarding Only Premium Traffic, it is a list with the best converting zones, which is automatically created and updated. It’s just a concentrated volume of traffic that converts here and now.

Pre-Face of the Case

Before taking up the offer, our hero of the story had worked with gambling, finances, and software for desktops. Willing to try out something new and with scaling potential, the affiliate consulted Anastasiia, the dedicated manager, and was advised to try out the following tandem: SmartCPC–Only Premium. Moreover, the manager informed about the most converting offers, plus provided the information on where to sign up for them. Having looked through the list provided, the affiliate stopped at the following option:

No matter how experienced you are, consult your dedicated manager before launching a campaign. Your experience, multiplied by the manager’s knowledge, is the gateway to top offers with high payouts.

Funnel Specifics

The offer targets multiple languages, supports many countries, and has a decent payout — a solid foundation for a fruitful campaign.

Neither the advertiser nor the ad network allow scaring the user with system malfunctions. Our brave affiliate settled for slightly menacing creatives. They all are easy to find when using spy tools, just make sure to tailor the wordings and pictures to meet your individual requirements. Here are the creatives that panned out for this particular campaign:

A pair of creatives used for the campaign

Talking about GEO, choosing the USA might be expensive, but it delivers some of the best volume — the audience there is very active, which is why there were no problems engaging with it. As for the regions, operators, and IP addresses, they were left to default.

An undisputable advantage of SmartCPC is that you input a certain span, instead of a fixed bid. Simply put, high bid here is just a threshold beyond which the AI algorithm cannot go. But it does not imply you will pay this price exactly, because generally the traffic will cost the average price of a zone, which was confirmed by the manager. In this regard, a small bid may lock some expensive sources with the traffic of quality. In the end, the MaxBid was set to $1 — but the risk was worth it, and soon you will learn why.

Specifying the bidding strategy

The daily budget was limited to $500, and the campaign was narrowed down to target only the recent subscribers with the subscription age of 0–3 days. These users have just subscribed to push notifications, meaning they are yet to get accustomed to this type of ad. On the other hand, recent subscription does not automatically imply conversion. These users might deliver high Click-through-Rate, but the conversion itself is not granted.

All these preparations were just an opening to the headliner of the campaign — the “Premium” option button.

Perfecting the setup with the premium traffic option

The rest of the settings were made to defaults:

  • Mobile & Tablet traffic
  • Android 8+ versions
  • All browsers (with subsequent whitelisting)
  • English language (God bless the America)

Miscellaneous settings left to default

Campaign Results

What was achieved? Well, the very first day the offer started to generate profit at this exact source and for this specific pair SmartCPC–Only Premium Traffic. While running the offer, there was a bit of optimization, like blacklisting the underperforming zones and browsers. At the moment of writing the case, the average ROI was about 33%, which is a heck of a jumpstart. The campaign is still active and scaling up for other GEOs is under way.

All the traffic went through the pre-lands — a standard approach for this kind of offers. Take a look at the pre-land itself:

The pre-land used for the campaign

Instead of Conclusion

Our narrator picked this offer from the CpaRoll affiliate network and continues to work with them. Well over 200 offers, almost 10 years of expertise in affiliate marketing, thousands of conversions daily — are just a few of the advantages. Check out the network and see for yourself.

As for the gratitude itself, here is the rough translation of the message, the affiliate decided to dedicate to Anastasiia specifically and RollerAds in general:

This case study is my way of saying thank you for the excellent communication, 24/7 support, great feedback, and lots of useful hints from Anastasiia, a manager at RollerAds. I am sending you my regards and a gratitude for your efforts. Hopefully, we have a bunch of cases ahead to talk about together 😉

I’ve been driving traffic with RollerAds for a long time, and I must say they have premium Push traffic, which works almost for every vertical — great volumes but even greater quality. RollerAds do their work diligently: they perfect their product constantly and release some new cool features frequently, which can be monitored on their Telegram channel .

Want to automate your funneling too? Contact us and start driving traffic with RollerAds today! We’re always open for communication and want to help you to make your campaigns pleasant and profitable.

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