Shopping Madness in RollerAds: Get Up to 20% Cashback!

November’s shopping season is about to kick into high gear with Shopping Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday on the horizon. The audience is warm, receptive, and eagerly awaiting the best deals — pick your target and take your best advertising shot. To make this season even more profitable for you, we are throwing a new promo! 

From November 10th to November 30th, you can receive up to 20% cashback on certain types of campaigns. Let’s dive in!

How to Claim Your Cashback

It’s all very simple! From November 10th to November 30th, launch one or several eCommerce and/or OnClick campaigns and spend at least $500 on all of them. At the beginning of December, we will return the cashback you will have earned to your account balance.

To sign in to the Shopping Madness, you have to notify your manager before the end of November.

The promo is open to all advertisers, whether you’ve been with RollerAds for years or have just recently registered. All you need is an active account.

Cashback Calculation 

Cashback is calculated progressively: the more you spend — the more funds are returned!


  • $500–$5,000: 3% cashback
  • $5,001–$15,000: 5% cashback
  • $15,001–$30,000: 10% cashback
  • $30,001–$50,000: 15% cashback
  • $50,001 and more: 20% cashback

All the campaigns for eCommerce vertical and/or using OnClick ad format are eligible for promo, not jut a single campaign. The main requirement is that the minimum spend on them should be $500.

For example, a total of $10,000 was deducted from the account from November 10th to November 30th.

$3,000 was spent on OnClick campaigns, $5,000 on eCommerce campaigns, and the remaining $2,000 on Software campaigns.

In this case, cashback will be applied only to $8,000 ($3,000 from OnClick + $5,000 from eCommerce). According to our tier-list, this qualifies for a 5% cashback, resulting in $400 being returned to your account balance.

Join the shopping frenzy this November with RollerAds and amplify your profits like never before!


  • Do I need to sign up separately for this promotion?

    No, there’s no separate sign-up. Just tell your manager you want to participate.

  • Can I combine the spendings on multiple campaigns to increase my cashback?

    Yes, cashback will be calculated not for a single campaign, but for all the campaigns that meet the criteria of the promo — eCommerce vertical and/or in the OnClick format.

  • When will I receive my cashback?

    Cashback will be delivered to your account balance in early December.

  • If I run an eCommerce campaign using OnClick format, will I receive double cashback?

    No, meeting both conditions does not grant extra cashback. You will still be paid a single time only, as if only ad format or vertical met the requirements..

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