Meet the Minds: Pierre, Business Development Manager

Growth is crucial for the long-term survival of any business, and RollerAds is no exception. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Pierre, our Business Development Manager. He’s a prime example of live-work balance and manages to excel in both spheres. So, how does he do it?

Q: Can you describe your role at RollerAds?

A: As the Business Development Manager at RollerAds, my primary responsibility is to foster the company’s growth, particularly by attracting new advertisers. I’ve pioneered a strategy for directly engaging and onboarding advertisers onto our self-service platform, enhancing our outreach and business expansion.

Q: Reflect on your time and career development at RollerAds.

A: Since joining RollerAds in August 2022, I’ve been deeply involved for over a year and a half. Initially, I contributed to The Sender, a subsidiary project focused on a SaaS product for push notifications. We are now providing Shopify website owners with a profitable way to retarget customers who abandoned carts or product pages. Since last September, I’ve shifted my focus entirely to RollerAds, spearheading the development of the Business Development department.

Q: What aspects of working at RollerAds do you find most rewarding?

A: Working at RollerAds is really exciting because of its fast pace and variety. I enjoy the mix of tasks, like working with advertisers and finding new ways to grow. Each day is different and full of new things to learn. It’s great to feel part of a team where everyone helps each other, which is quite different from my time at larger companies. Here, the work is always dynamic and interesting.

Q: How did you enter the field of affiliate marketing, and what has your journey been like?

A: My digital advertising career began in 2014 at Google, targeting direct advertisers in the French market. I then moved to a mobile advertising company focusing on CPA and CPI models, followed by a stint at Pinterest, managing the South European region. Before joining this company, I worked at TikTok, expanding the French market. This journey has led me to RollerAds, where I am committed to building a robust Business Development team and contributing to the company’s long-term success.

Q: How does your previous experience enhance your current role at RollerAds?

A:  My past work in online advertising, especially at Google, taught me a lot of useful skills and gave me important insights. Understanding of technical aspects like postback implementation was honed in the mobile advertising company, while RollerAds has been instrumental in deepening my knowledge of affiliate marketing. Also, my experience in larger companies has shaped my appreciation for the dynamic and fast-paced culture at RollerAds.

Q: What principles do you value most in your work?

A: Having freedom and trust in my job is really important to me.  At RollerAds, I enjoy the autonomy to achieve set targets and KPIs without micromanagement. My core work principles are trust, integrity, and fun. A respectful and enjoyable work environment, free from harmful behaviors, is essential for team success.

Q: Do you have any professional aspirations or missions at RollerAds?

A: My dream for RollerAds is to see it listed on the stock exchange as a testament to our success and to establish us as the market leader. In the short term, my mission is to build a formidable Business Development team, capable of propelling RollerAds to new heights in every conceivable way.

Q: What are your interests outside of work?

A: I’m an avid sports enthusiast. From football and tennis, which I’ve played for years, to my newfound passion for padel, sports are an integral part of my life. Alongside sports, my family is incredibly important to me. I devote a lot of time to being with my loved ones, and they play a significant role in my overall well-being.

Our people are our key asset, which is why RollerAds unites some of the best professionals in the industry. RollerAds is the place, where performance and individuality go hand in hand — this is the reason behind our competitive advantage.

Stay tuned for more content and keep up the good work, partners.

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