Sweeping the Minefield of Seasonality

Consumer demand for various products and services varies throughout the year. While you can launch your campaigns no matter the season, you can boost their performance by considering seasonality.

Read our new article to see why seasonality matters. We’ll explain its causes & results and how you can capitalize on it. Moreover, we’ve prepared a big list with major holidays and important dates for your marketing. Align your campaigns with them to make the most out of them… with our help, of course!

Seasonality Explained

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Seasonality is the fluctuation in consumer behavior and demand for products throughout the year. These shifts in demand are not necessarily bad, for example, the traditional announcement of a new iPhone in September adds hype and improves the performance of eCommerce and CC submits.

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Cause and Effect of Seasonality

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Seasonal demand is subject to several drivers. They are a double-edged sword, which can boost or handicap the performance of your campaigns. Some of the most common causes of fluctuations are:

  • Holiday shopping: during the holiday season, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, consumer spending increases significantly as people shop for gifts, decorations, and festive items. Capitalize on this by promoting holiday-themed products, gift guides, and special deals from merchants offering discounts and promotions. Keep in mind that holidays are short and won’t last forever.
  • Back-to-school season: leading up to the start of the school year, parents, and students are in search of school supplies, clothing, electronics, and dorm room essentials. Target this audience by promoting relevant products like backpacks, laptops, textbooks, and stationery through educational content and back-to-school shopping guides.
  • Seasonal events and celebrations: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, and Easter, drive specific consumer preferences. Create content and promotions tailored to these occasions, by selling gift ideas, party supplies, decorations, and costumes.
  • Seasonal activities and hobbies: seasonal changes influence people’s recreational activities and hobbies. For example, outdoor enthusiasts may be interested in camping gear, hiking equipment, and sports apparel during the summer months, while winter sports enthusiasts may be looking for ski gear and snowboarding equipment in the colder seasons. Target these niche audiences with relevant products and recommendations.
  • Weather-dependent products: certain products experience increased demand based on weather conditions. Things like air conditioners, fans, and summer clothing are in high demand during hot weather, while heaters, winter coats, and snow shovels are sought after during colder months. Adjust promos based on seasonal weather patterns to meet consumer needs.
  • Travel seasons: travel-related products and services, including flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages, experience fluctuations based on travel seasons and destinations. Target travelers during peak vacation periods, holidays, and seasonal events by promoting travel deals, destination guides, and travel accessories.
  • Sports events: world cups, tournaments, league finals — these kinds of events drive sports fans all over the world crazy. Some games enjoy high local popularity, like Kabaddi. Make sure to monitor its schedule and standings, if you prefer to work with India Bangladesh, or even Japan.

These are the major seasonal factors, but there are more. Before getting to some of the biggest events we can think of, let’s talk about offers and verticals that enjoy the seasonal boost.

Seasonally Boosted Verticals

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Seasonal boosters can affect any vertical. We’ve already gone through the example with Apple products and iPhone presentations. These events are designed to create hype, which is why promoting such products in the form of eCommerce or Sweepstakes becomes easier. Just remember that for example on Christmas people tend to get together with their families. They prefer to buy gifts in advance, so you should prepare accordingly.

Dating and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand. Yes, dating is an evergreen vertical, enjoying high demand no matter the season. But the 14th of February can crank up its high demand through the roof. Just make sure you don’t work with Saudi Arabia or any other GEO, where celebrating Valentine’s Day is forbidden.

Travel vertical is all about seasonality. People go on holidays to faraway places, looking for a hotel, tour, plane, etc. Just keep in mind that people like cold places similar to Norway almost as much as sunny shores. Also take into account the local climate, as Christmas in Austria and Australia are different.

Antivirus and VPN software tend to be less seasonal. Theoretically, the major data breaches covered in mass media can catalyze the demand for digital protection. Also, VPNs allow bypassing certain restrictions. So, if a bunch of important websites, like Instagram, become blocked in a certain country, you can expect the demand for VPNs to grow as well.

Q1 2024 Key Events

Even though the first quarter of the year has already started, there are still a few events to capitalize on. Also, by knowing the events from this subgroup, you will be prepared for the future year.


  • New Year’s Day: Jan 1
  • Festival of Sleep Day: Jan 3
  • World Braille Day: Jan 4
  • National Bird Day (USA): Jan 5
  • Epiphany: Jan 6
  • Orthodox Christmas: Jan 7
  • International Thank You Day: Jan 11
  • NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show (NYC): Jan 14–16
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Jan 15
  • National Hat Day (USA): Jan 15
  • Blue Monday: third Monday (15 Jan)
  • National Popcorn Day (USA): Jan 19
  • Australia Day: Jan 26
  • Backward Day: Jan 31
  • Dry January: the entire month
  • Veganuary: the entire month


  • Groundhog Day: Feb 2
  • World Cancer Day: Feb 4
  • New York Fashion Week: Feb 9–11
  • Lunar New Year (varies): falls between Jan 21–Feb 20 (Feb 10)
  • Super Bowl Sunday: Feb 11
  • World Radio Day: Feb 13
  • Valentine’s Day: Feb 14
  • Daytona 500 (racing): Feb 15–18
  • Random Act of Kindness Day: Feb 17
  • National Drink Wine Day (USA): Feb 18
  • Presidents’ Day (USA): third Monday (Feb 19)
  • World Bartender Day: Feb 24
  • Black History Month: the entire month


  • World Compliment Day: Mar 1
  • International Women’s Day: Mar 8
  • Ramadan begins: Mar 10
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Mar 17
  • International Day of Happiness: Mar 20
  • World Poetry Day: Mar 21
  • International Day of Forests: Mar 21
  • World Water Day: Mar 22nd
  • International Day of Nowruz: Mar 21 or 22
  • National Puppy Day (USA): Mar 23
  • Easter weekend: Mar 28–31
  • Earth Hour: last Saturday (Mar 30)

Q2 2024 Key Events

While it starts with April Fool’s Day, don’t be fooled — these events are important for your campaigns and can bring a lot of traffic, when used right.


  • April Fool’s Day: Apr 1
  • 404 Day: Apr 4
  • Final Four (basketball): Apr 6–8
  • World Health Day: Apr 7
  • Masters (golf): Apr 8–14
  • Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan): Apr 9–10
  • International Day of Human Space Flight: April 12
  • Earth Day: Apr 22
  • Passover: Apr 22–30
  • World Book Day: Apr 23
  • Administrative Professionals Day (USA): Last Wednesday (Apr 24)
  • Arbor Day (USA): last Friday (Apr 26)
  • International Dance Day: Apr 29
  • Easter: date varies (Mar 31)


  • May Day: May 1
  • World Press Freedom Day: May 3
  • Kentucky Derby (racing): May 3–4
  • Miami Grand Prix (racing): May 3–5
  • Star Wars Day: May 4
  • Cinco de Mayo: May 5
  • National Teachers’ Day (USA): first Tuesday (May 7)
  • World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day: May 8
  • International Nurses Day: May 12
  • Preakness Stakes (racing): May 18
  • World Bee Day: May 20
  • Monaco Grand Prix (racing): May 24–26
  • Indianapolis 500 (racing): May 24–26
  • National Wine Day: May 25
  • French Open (tennis): May 26–Jun 9
  • Memorial Day (US): May 27
  • Mental Health Awareness Month: the entire month
  • World No Tobacco Day: May 31


  • UEFA Champions League Final (football): Jun 1
  • International Children’s Day: Jun 1
  • World Environment Day: Jun 5
  • NBA Finals (US): Jun 6–23
  • National Donut Day (USA): first Friday (Jun 7)
  • National Chocolate Ice Cream Day (USA): Jun 7
  • Canadian Grand Prix (racing): Jun 7–9
  • Stanley Cup Finals (hockey): Jun 7–9
  • World Oceans Day: Jun 8
  • National Best Friends Day (USA): Jun 8
  • US Open Golf (golf): Jun 13–16
  • Father’s Day (US): Jun 16
  • Eid al-Adha: Jun 16–19
  • Juneteenth: Jun 19
  • National Selfie Day (USA): Jun 21
  • Spanish Grand Prix (racing): Jun 21–23
  • Tour de France: Jun 29–Jul 21
  • LGBTQ+ Pride Month: the entire month
  • National Candy Month: the entire month

Q3 2024 Key Events

Mid-summer is the time when people take vacations. Use it to your advantage and capitalize on the following key days to entertain them and fire more conversions.


  • Wimbledon (tennis): Jul 1–14
  • Canada Day: Jul 1
  • Independence Day (US): Jul 4
  • Workaholics Day: Jul 5
  • World Population Day: Jul 11
  • Amazon Prime Day: Jul 11–12
  • Euro Finals (football): Jul 14
  • Bastille Day (France): Jul 14
  • Copa America Finals (football): Jul 14
  • MLB All-Star (baseball): Jul 15–16
  • National Hot Dog Day (USA): third Wednesday (Jul 17)
  • World Emoji Day: Jul 17 😀
  • Nelson Mandela International Day: Jul 18
  • Summer Olympics (multi-sport): Jul 26–Aug 11
  • International Tiger Day: Jul 29
  • International Day of Friendship: Jul 30


  • National Beer Day: Aug 2
  • National Sisters Day (USA): first Sunday in (Aug 4)
  • Book Lovers Day: Aug 9
  • End of 2024 Paris Olympics: Aug 11
  • World Elephant Day: Aug 12
  • International Youth Day: Aug 12
  • International Left Handers Day: Aug 13
  • National Relaxation Day (USA): Aug 15
  • National Nonprofit Day (US): Aug 17
  • World Photography Day: Aug 19
  • Women’s Equality Day (USA): Aug 26
  • National Dog Day (USA): Aug 26
  • US Open Tennis (tennis): Aug 26–Sep 8
  • Italian Grand Prix (racing): Aug 30–Sep 1


  • Labor Day (US): Sep 2
  • National Video Games Day (USA): Sep 12
  • National Grandparents Day (USA): first Sunday after Labor Day (Sep 8)
  • International Literacy Day: Sep 8
  • National Cheeseburger Day (USA): Sep 18
  • Singapore Grand Prix (racing): Sep 20–22
  • International Day of Peace: Sep 21
  • Presidents Cup (golf): Sep 25–30
  • World Tourism Day: Sep 27
  • World Heart Day: Sep 29
  • National Coffee Day (USA): Sep 29
  • Oktoberfest (Germany): lasts three weeks till the first Sunday of October (Oct 6)

Q4 2024 Key Events

The last 3 months are great for big spenders. If you can get them on your marketing hook, you will be able to sell more products, which will serve as gifts for Halloween, Christmas, New Year, or anything else. Who says a marketer cannot be a Santa Claus?


  • World Coffee Day: Oct 1
  • World Vegetarian Day: Oct 1
  • International Day of Non-Violence: Oct 2
  • National Taco Day (USA): Oct 4
  • World Mental Health Day: Oct 10
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Oct 14
  • Canadian Thanksgiving: Oct 14
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month: the entire month of October
  • National Dessert Day (USA): Oct 14
  • National Boss’s Day (USA): Oct 16
  • US Grand Prix (racing): Oct 18–20
  • United Nations Day: Oct 24
  • World Series (baseball): Oct 27–Nov 1
  • Halloween: Oct 31


  • Diwali (India): The date varies (Nov 1)
  • National Sandwich Day (USA): Nov 3
  • Singles’ Day (China): Nov 11
  • Veterans Day (USA): Nov 11
  • Remembrance Day (Commonwealth of Nations): Nov 11
  • World Kindness Day: Nov 13
  • National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (USA): Nov 15
  • Las Vegas Grand Prix (racing): Nov 21–23
  • National Adoption Day (USA): Saturday before Thanksgiving (Nov 24)
  • Thanksgiving: Nov 28
  • Black Friday: Nov 29
  • Small Business Saturday: Nov 30
  • Native American Heritage Month: the entire month


  • Cyber Monday: Monday after Thanksgiving (Dec 2)
  • National Cookie Day (USA): Dec 4
  • International Volunteer Day: Dec 5
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (racing): Dec 6–8
  • International Human Rights Day: Dec 10
  • National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day (USA): third Friday in December (Dec 20)
  • Christmas Eve: Dec 24
  • Christmas Day: Dec 25
  • Hanukkah: Dec 25–Jan 2
  • Boxing Day (Commonwealth of Nations): Dec 26
  • National Fruitcake Day (USA): Dec 27
  • Boxing Day (UK + Australia): Dec 26
  • Kwanzaa: Dec 26–Jan 1
  • New Year’s Eve: Dec 31

If you want more events for your campaigns, you can ask ChatGPT for extra info or read Wikipedia, where the history of every day is laid out.


Hopefully, this elaborative guide will help you with event marketing. Harnessing the potential of red-letter days can be a huge performance boost. At RollerAds we know how to maximize your campaign potential, no matter the season.

Contact us for any help needed. Know your holidays, events, and interesting dates. And pick RollerAds for traffic acquisition — we do have golden sources in our reserve.

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