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RollerAds has been on the market for more than five years. We wouldn’t have lasted that long without making the comfort of our partners the highest priority. Now, when it comes to comfort, it’s more than just offering top rates on the market. And while we excel at it (read the case study below), we are also pro-variability.

This is where our referral program comes into play, as a way to generate passive income. Every member of ours can refer their friends, publishers and advertisers included. Read the article to learn all the details about our referral program, including terms, payouts, and case studies.

Referral Program Is for Every Member

Both publishers and advertisers can take advantage of our referral program, but you do have to register as a publisher. You don’t even need a website, just refer your friends, who then join our roster of publishers.

Every referral of yours is to register as a publisher and set up monetization for you to start making a profit, speaking of which…

Make Money with RollerAds

RollerAds is all about efficient and fair website monetization. Whichever ad format you pick, RollerAds ensures payment options variability, provides detailed statistics, and lets you choose ad categories.

Monetization is not only about chasing sales by any means necessary. We understand your concerns about UX and have developed a hybrid monetization format, which counters ad blindness by combining advertising with announcing. Your users will never know what the next push notification brings!

Monetization is one of many ways to make money with RollerAds. Do you know that we have a referral program, an extra passive income generator? Long story short, the more sociable you are, the higher your income will be. And if you’re interested in the details, scroll down the article.

Referral Program Details

How does the referral program work? One RollerAds publisher shares a registration link with another non-registered one. Each publisher has a unique link, which can be obtained on your dashboard or through your account manager. Then, it can be shared privately, via banner, or using their website. The referred publisher clicks on it, registers & passes the moderation, and begins monetizing their website. The referring one automatically starts to receive a 5% referral commission.

The 5% commission is paid out of RollerAds funds, so all our publishers keep 100% of their income in full. This bonus is not accounted for in the statistics, so it goes on top of all the earnings you generate. The 5% commission is our way to say thank you for popularizing RollerAds by bringing more publishers to our network.

Assume you refer a friend, who starts monetizing with RollerAds. When it comes to Push notifications, their monetization is akin to snowball rolling; the longer, the better. Your friend might bring only $50 in the first week, $250 in the second, and $1,000 in the third. As long as the referred publisher monetizes their website, you get 5% of extra income for yourself. Continuing with our example, you get $2.5 in the first week, $12.5 in the second, and $50 in the third — totaling $65.

That’s a single person referred, but you can bring more friends, efficiently doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling the original $65. The performance of their websites determines your level of income. And if you are an experienced publisher, you are rewarded with extra income for sharing your expertise with beginners — sharing is caring 🤑.

A Couple of Case Studies

In the previous section, we’ve given a theoretical example of how a referral program works. Now, it’s time to dig into real case studies:

Case study #1. Recently, an experienced publisher has joined RollerAds. Gradually, he reached $2,000 a day, which filled him with joy. Excited, he decided to bring a friend as well, who reached an equal income level. Since the friend was referred, the first publisher was entitled to a 5% bonus, equalling $100 a day. Thus, the first publisher started to earn $3,000 a month for just bringing the referrals.

Case study #2. Our referral program lets advertisers become publishers, without giving up on media buying. For example, an advertiser has joined us recently and doubled his income. He shared his merriment on a forum, encouraged people to join RollerAds, and included his referral link as well. As a result, RollerAds met an influx of publishers and advertisers, who improved their profit generation. And the referring gentleman enjoys a stack of 5% bonuses, spreading the word about RollerAds further on.


The referral program is a great complement to monetization. Used in tandem, they deliver the best results.

Our referral program is a nifty reminder that the devil is in detail and every bit counts. Leverage its power, bring more friends, and help them to grow to make your passive income bigger. At RollerAds, we’re interested in your success as much as you do. That’s why our support team works their fingers to the bone to make sure you get the desired results.

Contact us for assistance if needed, and have a pleasant & profitable day!

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