New Promo: Cashback Marathon by RollerAds

Become a champion this summer with up to 10% cashback on your sports campaigns!

With the UEFA Euro 2024, the 2024 Copa América and the Summer Olympics approaching, excitement is building. RollerAds is thrilled to introduce the Cashback Marathon — your chance to earn up to 10% cashback on sports-related ad spends. Want to know how to join? Read on!

Start Date: June 14 (First day of the UEFA Euro 2024)

End Date: August 11 (Last day of the Summer Olympics)

What You Can Earn

Imagine turning your ad budget into a winning streak that keeps on giving! The more you spend, the more cashback you earn. This cashback will be credited directly to your account, allowing you to reinvest in more ads and boost your profits.

Who Can Participate and How

This promo is open to all advertisers running sports-related campaigns. To ensure that your campaigns qualify, verify them with your manager or by dropping a line to our support team. 

Tie your campaigns to the season’s excitement and watch your returns skyrocket!

How to Join

Between June 14 and August 11, inform your manager or our support team that you’re in. Even if it’s the last day, you can still join!

If you are not registered yet, simply sign up and inform us about your decision to participate in any way you prefer. 

Important: Spending will be counted for both new and existing sports-related campaign, but only the spend that falls within the promo dates will be eligible. Verify with your manager or our support team to ensure your campaigns qualify. 


1. Can I join the promo after it has started? Yes, you can join at any time before August 11. Just notify your manager or our support team.

2. What if my campaigns aren’t sports-related? Only sports-related campaigns qualify. If you need help, check with your manager or support to see if your campaigns fit the conditions.

3. How will I get my cashback? Your cashback will be credited to your RollerAds account for reinvesting in future campaigns.

4. Can new advertisers participate? Absolutely! Sign up and let us know if you want to join the Cashback Marathon.

5. Are there limits on the number of campaigns? There are no limits. We count the total spend across your account during the promo period.

Lace Up for the Cashback Marathon!

Ready to score big this summer? RollerAds gives you the perfect opportunity to turn your sports campaigns into champions. Whether you’re a seasoned advertiser or just starting out, we have the best conditions for your success. So get ready, set, aim for gold, and watch your earnings soar!

For more information, contact your manager or our support team. Let’s make this summer unforgettable!

P.S. Throughout the promotion, we’ll be hosting cash prize giveaways on our Telegram channel. Subscribe and stay updated for your chance to win big! Keep the competitive spirit alive and join the fun!

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